Website Import

today we'd like to introduce our new Website Import feature. It helps you importing contents (e.g. text, images, documents) from an existing website into your project with just a few clicks. Just give it a try by navigating to Add content > Import from website and enter the URL you want to import from.


New Elements

We've just added a few new items that you can add to your website by navigating to Add Content > Elements:

  • SVG: Upload your own SVG files to embed in your websites and customize their appearance (color, background, borders, interior spacing, etc.). This offers unlimited possibilities to vary the website layout with customized vector graphics.
  • Logo: A simpler way to add a logo to the website that also updates the logo on the whole website and triggers our powerful color detection.
  • Privacy policy: To ensure GDPR compliance, Sitejet can automatically create a privacy statement based on the tools used by the site.

Custom data fields

You can now add up to 6 custom fields to your contact information that can be used for any heading, button, or text element. This is useful if, for example, you want to manage a second phone number or a second address. Just navigate to Website > Data.

Screenshot from 2019-04-28 15-17-51.png

Upload custom fonts

Custom fonts are a great way to make your site truly unique. You can now upload your own custom fonts within Sitejet without touching code! Just navigate to Design > Fonts > Upload Fonts and upload your font file(s):

Screenshot from 2019-04-01 00-01-53.png

20 beautiful new templates

We just added 20 new templates which make it even easier to create a beautiful website.

Whether you need a fresh layout for your local restaurant or an international company, we’ve got you covered. It also includes four amazing "Coming Soon" templates that will make your announcement a success. Take a look, and use one for your next site!

E-Commerce Integration

You can now add a built-in e-commerce platform directly within your Sitejet design. We’ve also built a ton of extra customization features into the integration. You can display categories, improve the store look, and adjust layout, colors, and general design.

We’re super proud of this new side of the platform, and we think you will be too. If you want to learn more, just check out our comprehensive integration guide.

Re-arranged element panels

We re-organized the way how to edit elements. Instead of endless lists of option groups, you can now access all the options faster through tabs. All type-specific options are on the first tab (e.g. image size), while options for Link, Background and styling options can be found on the other tabs.

Screenshot from 2019-02-21 16-52-49.png

Easily add media to your sites

We just released three new elements that can be added to your websites through the Add content view:

  • Video Enrich your websites by adding uploaded videos to your site (mp4 and webm). Videos can also be added as a container background.
  • Audio Some music to present? Just drop them onto the site.
  • Iframe No HTML needed anymore to embed external widgets to your site.

Screenshot from 2019-02-14 20-16-59.png

More and re-organized styling options

In the last days, we added more options to customize your websites.

  • Create outstanding headlines with new (responsive) style options for all headline levels (H1-H6)
  • Build more individual buttons through different forms, sizes and colors
  • We re-organized the Edit theme panel to improve the access to the settings


DNS Manager

Whenever you register a domain through Sitejet, you can now change all DNS records related to it. This is for example helpful if you want to use an external e-mail service provider. But don't worry: By default Sitejet will still setup everything automatically to publish your website.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Sitejet will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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