Cookie consent bar


We added a cookie consent bar to help you create GDPR-compliant websites. This cookie consent bar stops all scripts until consent is given by the website visitor. Simply go to "Presets" -> "Legal/GDPR" and add the new cookie bar.

Element Handling


It’s easier than ever to get an overview about your structure of elements, containers and presets. We added a symbol in the top left corner of every element that tells you exactly in which element or presets you’re currently working. You can also use drag and drop to move them as you like.

“Options” is now “Style”


We renamed “Options” to “Style” - but no worries you can still find all settings for customizing elements here. As of today, you can also find the preset settings here. Simply switch from the elements view to the presets view to edit the preset.

Positioning without CSS


We implemented a “Positioning” section to the “Style” tab which allows you to define the position of an element on the website. You can choose between a static, relative, absolute, fixed and sticky position. And the best part: there is absolutely no CSS coding needed.

Transform without CSS


We also added the “Transform” section to the “Style” tab. You can use different options to translate, scale, rotate or skew elements as you like - and again there are no CSS coding skills needed.

Spanish Customer Portal


Do you have Spanish customers and want to make their customer experience even better? Then go ahead and change the language for the Customer View using “More” -> “Edit customer data”.

Wireframe templates


Until now, all of our templates have been tailored to specific categories and full of example content and images. To make things easier for projects which don't fit with one of our existing templates, we've now released wireframe templates, which offer only a structure that you can adapt and fill with your own content.

Color gradients


It is now possible to apply gradient backgrounds to containers, buttons, and icons. Gradients can also be added as an overlay on background images.

New slider possibilities

content_slider.jpg The Slider now allows you to put any type of content, including presets, into the slides while previewing the slides right in the CMS as they would appear on the live website by using the navigation arrows to flip through them. This can help you build highly dynamic websites more easily than ever.

Drop shadows


For an added flair, you can now add drop shadows to any element. Switch up the look by adjusting the positioning of the shadow along the horizontal and vertical axes, or by changing the color, blur level, and other preferences.