Move domain between websites


Did you work on a redesign for a website and would like to publish the new design with the domain that is currently connected to the old website? Then we have news for you! You can now move a domain from one website to another by clicking the "Move" button in the Domain Manager. Simply select the new websites and publish the new design. Easy as that!

Add folder to the Media Manager in the CMS


For a better overview and handling of images, you can now create folders in the Media manager of the CMS. Simply go to Media and click "+Add folder" and upload your images.

Use workflow constraints


With the new workflow constraints, you can make sure that the website creation process is completed step by step. Simply activate "A website status can not be skipped". There is also the possibility to ensure that websites can not be assigned to absent user, that websites with unfinished messages can not be moved to "Feedback" or "Done" and that websites have to be assigned to someone until they are in "Done". Go to Settings > Automation to check out this new feature.

More filters available in the Manager


You can now use the filter icon in every Website view like All Websites or Overview to open a filter sidebar with more filter options like due dates, if a website is published or not, look for specific tags of a website or check which customers have not yet registered for the Customer Portal.

Tag your websites


Check out the new Tag feature in the Detail View. Simply create and use Tags to emphasizes specific information about your websites and customers like the sales channel, the services they booked, if the contract is active or canceled, and many more according to your needs.

Automatically create to-dos on status transitions


With the new Automation feauture you can define to-dos for each status, which always have to be completed or considered in this step. When you move the website to the next status these to-dos will appear automatically. Go to "Settings" and define your to-dos to further simplify and automate your workflow.

The new Manager view

Manager-View-Overview-EN.png The old Websites page is now broken up into different parts, all summarized on the new Manager view. The most important view for you is going to be the Overview view. Here you'll see all to-dos and websites assigned to you.

Keep track of your websites - with Kanban

Kanban-EN.png With the new Kanban view, you can immediately see the progress of your websites at a glance. Use the drag and drop function to move the websites within the process.

New Ticket overview for all incoming emails and change requests

Tickets-EN.png Tickets is a powerful integrated feature that makes client work seamless. Connect your email to Sitejet and any client change requests will automatically appear here. Even better? Sitejet automatically assigns each ticket to the correct project.

Unassigned emails - but not for long


What if an email can’t be automatically assigned to a project? No worries, you'll find those messages here. Getting to inbox zero was never easier!