Preview animations while editing


When you're adding animations to your elements, you can now preview how they will look as you set them up in the Website Builder (CMS).

To-dos linked to elements in the CMS


To-dos added by your customer for specific elements in the Feedback tool are now directly linked to those elements within the Website Builder (CMS). When you're working on your To-dos in the CMS, simply hover over a To-do to highlight the corresponding element.

Custom meta tags for single pages


We’ve added the possibility to define custom meta tags () for individual pages. Just go to “Pages” and add additional header details in “Meta tags” under the “SEO & details” section for any page you choose.

Redesigned number fields in the options


We’ve redesigned all of the places where numbers are entered within the options to make it even more streamlined. Just as with the previous (orange) design for the number fields, you can click to edit and type in the number you want, or scroll up and down to adjust the number.

Element scheduling


You can now set “start” dates and “expiration” dates for elements. This allows you to schedule the appearance and/or disappearance of any element on your website, down to the minute! The feature can be found in the “Style” settings of an element, under “Schedule”.

Text shadow


We’ve added new text shadow styling options. It is now possible to add a text shadow in the “Style” options for an element. You can choose the color, plus set the x-axis, y-axis, and amount of blur in pixels.

New image format WebP added


We’ve added support for the image format WebP. It is a versatile alternative format to JPG and PNG that was created by Google.

Cookie consent bar


We added a cookie consent bar to help you create GDPR-compliant websites. This cookie consent bar stops all scripts until consent is given by the website visitor. Simply go to "Presets" -> "Legal/GDPR" and add the new cookie bar.

Element Handling


It’s easier than ever to get an overview about your structure of elements, containers and presets. We added a symbol in the top left corner of every element that tells you exactly in which element or presets you’re currently working. You can also use drag and drop to move them as you like.

“Options” is now “Style”


We renamed “Options” to “Style” - but no worries you can still find all settings for customizing elements here. As of today, you can also find the preset settings here. Simply switch from the elements view to the presets view to edit the preset.