The new Manager view

Manager-View-Overview-EN.png The old Websites page is now broken up into different parts, all summarized on the new Manager view. The most important view for you is going to be the Overview view. Here you'll see all to-dos and websites assigned to you.

Keep track of your websites - with Kanban

Kanban-EN.png With the new Kanban view, you can immediately see the progress of your websites at a glance. Use the drag and drop function to move the websites within the process.

New Ticket overview for all incoming emails and change requests

Tickets-EN.png Tickets is a powerful integrated feature that makes client work seamless. Connect your email to Sitejet and any client change requests will automatically appear here. Even better? Sitejet automatically assigns each ticket to the correct project.

Unassigned emails - but not for long


What if an email can’t be automatically assigned to a project? No worries, you'll find those messages here. Getting to inbox zero was never easier!

Overdue to-dos at a glance

overdue-to-dos-EN.png Stay on top of everything with the Overdue To-dos view. Quickly see what’s behind so you can assign it and stay on track.

Take care of your overdue websites

Overdue-websites-kanban-2-EN.png In this view, you can see which websites have outstanding updates. Check here to stay current on any outstanding tasks waiting to be handled.

Re-engage with customers with whom you had no contact for too long


The best way to guarantee a successful web design business? Happy clients! With this simple tool, you can easily pinpoint clients who haven’t contacted you in three months or more. Drop a quick note, and watch your customer satisfaction skyrocket.

Per-client overview to manage to-dos, messages and changes


Want all the information for one website in a single place? That’s what the website Detail View is for. See tasks, messages, client details, time tracking, notes, and more—all in a single glance.

Lock the level of zoom when resizing the CMS window


You can now keep the zoom level of the current device view from changing automatically when you resize the CMS window by locking it. Simply click the lock symbol in the zoom dropdown, or untick the box for “Auto-adjust zoom level” in the “Editor view” tab of the CMS settings.

Newly designed Font Manager


The Font Manager has a new design, making it more organized and easier to navigate. To access the options for a selected font, simply click the gear icon.