Sitejet changelog
Sitejet changelog

New Collections Extension: Jobs 💼





Yes, that's right - we added a new Collections Extension. If you drag and drop "Jobs" on your website you will not only have this niiiiice list of positions but you will also have Collection Items that give you a job description vibe.

Long story short: Check out "Jobs" 💼

New Customer Portal Features




We dropped three new Features in the Customer Portal - for even better support! ⭐️ Your customers can now see the following options in their Customer Portal:

  • Service: Here your customers can quickly drop a request directly from their customer portal. This request will be visible as a ticket on your end and while you are working on that, your customers have an overview of the request's progress.
  • Domain: Your customers now have an overview of the domains that are connected to their website and their status - but no worries, they don't have any edit rights! But they can request a new domain - which will also create a ticket on your end.
  • Announcements: This feature will be accessible in the statuses “change”, “done” and “redesign” and allows your customers to send a request for an overlay on their website including an input field to already add all necessary information for the overlay.

Go ahead and check it out - those are great tools to improve customer collaboration!💪

Tik Tok Icon




Tik Tokers may we get your attention? You can now display your account with the proper icon since we added it to our icon set - FINALLY! 📱


📢 Sitejet is now a part of the WebPros family!




We launched Sitejet three years ago with the vision that all agencies and professional web designers would benefit from our all-in-one solution to deliver high-quality web design services — profitably and at scale. 🚀

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made the next step to realize this vision:

On October 1st 2021, Sitejet became part of the WebPros family and joined their product portfolio next to cPanel, Plesk, and other products and solutions enabling businesses to build, operate, and grow online. 🎉

What does that mean? More details can be found here 😊

New Collection field: Number





Look at our latest addition 🔢 The "Number" field is fitting right in with all those other Collections fields - it's meant to be. Now, it's your turn to make good use of it e.g. if you like to sort something in your Collection😉

Hit Reply!




No, seriously - you can now hit the Reply button to directly reply to a customer's mail. Time to write some mails! 💻


New website languages: Farsi and Japanese




Sitejet now also supports Farsi and Japanese when creating multilanguage sites 🙌 What a great addition to our existing languages selection. Do you already display your websites in different languages? Well, now you can offer two more 💪

API Access for the CRM 🔗




Yeeeeeees, here we go: Sitejet offers API Access for the CRM. What can be achieved with API access? For example, you can create a new to-do or a new message for a website or you can get a list of to-dos or messages for a website. Just try it - buuut, contact support first, so we can set up everything for you ⚙️

Välkommen, Swedish customer portal language!




Another great collaboration with the Community!😍 This time one of our users took on the customer portal to translate it into Swedish - Tack så mycket!🙏

Collection Export




Yup, that's right - you can now export your Collections as a CSV and JSON format. Happy exporting! ✌️