Image cropping from the top and left

We've given you more flexibility with image cropping by introducing the possibility to crop from the top and left edges.

New hyperlink types added


It is now possible to easily add phone and email hyperlinks thanks to the two new link types.

File added to message log entry when uploaded by your customer

When your customer uploads a file, that file is now added to the message log entry. This means you no longer have to look among all the files in the project and check their timestamps to find out which file corresponds to a particular message log entry.

Shortcuts for switching devices

To make designing for different devices go even faster, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts to allow you to switch between the different devices without having to click the desktop, tablet, and smartphone icons at the top of the screen by instead using [Alt] + [1], [Alt] + [2], and [Alt] + [3], respectively.

Flexbox layout settings for collection containers


We’ve added flexbox layout settings to collection containers to give you more flexibility in how collection items are presented and allow for more customized layouts.

Theme settings overhauled


The Theme settings have been totally redesigned and reorganized. The overhauled design brings new options and more consistency.

Switch devices in Feedback tool


By clicking “Desktop”, “Tablet”, or “Phone” at the top of the Feedback tool, your customer can now switch between devices and add their feedback on how the design of their new website is displayed on different devices.

New Wishes section


We've added a Wishes section within the CMS which allows you to see the information your customers provide in the Wishes section of the Customer Portal. It lets you conveniently drag and drop content to add it to the website. You can access it now by clicking “Wishes” in the “+ Add content” drop-down menu.

Form checkbox positioning settings


You no longer have to use CSS to adjust the positioning of a checkbox within a Checkbox form element. This can now be done in the Checkbox element settings under "Options", where you'll find icons for adjusting the vertical and horizontal alignment.

Mixin styles added automatically when copying presets between projects

When copying elements between websites, it can be frustrating when related styles are not automatically copied along with them. To help with this, styles are now automatically added when copying presets from one website to another.