Newly designed Font Manager


The Font Manager has a new design, making it more organized and easier to navigate. To access the options for a selected font, simply click the gear icon.

Lock the level of zoom when resizing the CMS window


You can now keep the zoom level of the current device view from changing automatically when you resize the CMS window by locking it. Simply click the lock symbol in the zoom dropdown, or untick the box for “Auto-adjust zoom level” in the “Editor view” tab of the CMS settings.

Automatic domain cancellation upon deletion

When you delete a domain that you’ve registered with Sitejet from the Domain Manager, the domain will now be automatically unregistered and the subscription will be automatically canceled. This means no surprise renewal charges! (If you need to transfer domains between websites, please reach out to us at

Flexbox settings for form containers


We’ve added flexbox settings for form containers so you no longer have to rely on presets for alignment and layout options. Normal containers in Sitejet have already offered this option, and we’ve recently added it to collection containers as well.

“Visible” option now inherited by tablet and smartphone


The “Visibility” option you set for elements will now be inherited for tablet and smartphone devices automatically.

French language Customer Portal


If you have customers in French-speaking countries, this update is just for you! The Customer Portal your customers know and love is now available in French. You need only to set their language to French in the Customer Data.

Slider images can be selected individually in Feedback Tool


Before now, it wasn’t possible for your customer to select individual images in sliders to leave feedback on them within the Feedback Tool. Now, it’s not only possible, it’s quick and easy!

Image cropping from the top and left

We've given you more flexibility with image cropping by introducing the possibility to crop from the top and left edges.

New hyperlink types added


It is now possible to easily add phone and email hyperlinks thanks to the two new link types.

File added to message log entry when uploaded by your customer

When your customer uploads a file, that file is now added to the message log entry. This means you no longer have to look among all the files in the project and check their timestamps to find out which file corresponds to a particular message log entry.