Messages Improvements

When you send a message to your customer, you will now find some ready-made templates that will support collaborating with your customer. You can use them as they are or head over to "Manage Templates" to customize them to your needs.


We also added the possibility to upload attachments right in the email composer.

File Conversion in CMS

Now you can effortlessly convert files directly in the CMS.


This is especially useful if you - for example - need to integrate a preview from a PDF as an image into the website. Just convert the PDF to JPG and drag it onto the website. No further tools needed!

Publish websites easier

Now it's much more intuitive to publish a website in Sitejet due to the wizard that's guiding you from searching the domain to registering, transferring or simply connecting it to your website project.

Screenshot from 2019-08-23 16-45-03.png

White-Label Settings

White-Label information can now be configured directly within your Company Settings, letting you see the difference immediately. Learn more

Open preview website from CMS

We added a link to the preview website on the Preview dropdown. This will present the website with all features enabled - just like it were published.


Automatically create headers and footers on new pages

When you created a new page on one of your websites, you were always confronted with a blank page. So in most cases you had to copy headers and footers first. Now that's a thing of the past. In each new page the header and footer will be created automatically as a reference, if available.

Change contact data without entering CMS

Contact data are global information that can be used to bind or update contact information all across a website. In the past you were only able to change these within the CMS. But now you're also able to change contact data directly from your website overview page. Just navigate to More > Customer data and see the new section Contact data. All changes will automatically be applied to the website. Learn more

Screenshot from 2019-07-22 19-06-53.png

Create a blog

You can now create a blog that is easy to customize and manage. Be sure to watch the video tutorial before you get started and create your blog today: how_to_creat_a_blog_newsletter_1.jpg

Website Import

Today we'd like to introduce our new Website Import feature. It helps you importing contents (e.g. text, images, documents) from an existing website into your project with just a few clicks. Just give it a try by navigating to Add content > Import from website and enter the URL you want to import from.


New Elements

We've just added a few new items that you can add to your website by navigating to Add Content > Elements:

  • SVG: Upload your own SVG files to embed in your websites and customize their appearance (color, background, borders, interior spacing, etc.). This offers unlimited possibilities to vary the website layout with customized vector graphics.
  • Logo: A simpler way to add a logo to the website that also updates the logo on the whole website and triggers our powerful color detection.
  • Privacy policy: To ensure GDPR compliance, Sitejet can automatically create a privacy statement based on the tools used by the site.