simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

We've Been Busy





Though I haven't been updating our release notes as often as I should, this post will encompass all the latest we've added in the past two months.

New Features

We've made some big feature additions to simplebooklet in the last two months. These include:

New Transitions

We've updated our transitions to give you more options. You can now turn on or off the center fold shadow in the soft page flip transition. You can also display double page booklets with the first page being double page (previously it could only display as a single page before opening as a double page display). This should give you more

New Languages

We've added Swedish and Korean to our language options in the navigation elements of your booklet.


Can now be customized to hide all sharing and title options, and only display the cover image on the collection page.

Improved Canva Integration

You can now replace a Canva designed booklet straight from Canva. Update your design in Canva, then use the simplebooklet plugin to replace the existing booklet with the new version. You can also edit canva designed pages with canva directly in the simplebooklet edit tool. Tap the small canva logo in the top right of your page, and we'll open that page in the familiar canva editor.

With Canva, you can also add new pages to a booklet in our EDIT tab but use the Canva editor and templates to create the new page. Simply tap the NEW PAGE button, and select a template from Canva, edit in their inline authoring tool, then save it as a new page in your simplebooklet.

Crello Integration

We've added crello to our authoring integration tools. It works similar to Canva, in that you can now use Crello templates to create a page (or multiple pages) in your Simplebooklet, and take advantage of all their great authoring and design features.

Upload Your Own Narration

You can now upload an audio or video file from your computer to use for your per page narration. So record yourself on your phone, add it to your page, and then set it to autoplay when that page is first opened. We've found video narration makes a huge improvement in engagement with your cusotmer and brings an unique authenticity to your booklet presentation.

User Interface Improvements

We want simplebooklet to be the easiest and the simplest tool for turning PDFs into amazing online content easily shared from a single, branded weblink. So, as you have probably noticed, we've made a number of user interface improvements to our platform, for both the author and the customers you publish to.

New Preview Screen

We've improved our preview tool. It gives you a better sense of what your booklet will look like to the typical reader in a typical browser on a laptop.

Better Onboarding

We've made a number of improvements to the steps and explanations for those just starting out with Simplebooklet.

Clarity on Plans

We want our plans to be as transparent as possible. So we've restructured how you choose a plan and what you can do with that plan. Now, when you choose a plan, you first select how many booklets you'd like to start with (these are the number of booklets you can have published live simultaneously). You can add more to your account as you need them and replace any of them at anytime.

Once you know how many booklets you want to start with, you can decide which plan features you will need. For example, if you want to sell your simplebooklets, you'll want the Business plan. If you want to collaborate with others, you'll want the Business plan. If you want to apply your own custom domain and videos, you can start with the PRO plan.

We've also made it clearer the benefits of switching to an annual plan.

Performance Improvements

We're doing a lot around the performance of our booklet loading speeds, resolutions, and animation functionality.

New Image Management

We've now implemented webp (google's image format) with fallback to jpg for older browsers. What this means is we are able to reduce the size of most images by close to 70%, yet actually improve the quality of the image being displayed. This will not only improve what your reader see's on the screen, but also reduce the bandwidth required to send your booklet, and therefore speed up the loading time of your booklet.

Also, for an older browser, we'll still maintain the jpg images to ensure that your photos and images load for those visitors as well.

Code Overhaul

This is a bit of an ongoing process. We're removing a lot of legacy code in our app to improve the loading speeds for the visitor. We're also implementing just in time code practices as well so your booklet isn't carrying extra code for features you aren't using.

Loading Speeds

A big improvement we're hoping to release within the next week mainly affects larger booklets with many pages. We're adding the ability to open and start viewing pages before the entire booklet has been loaded. This should speed up the time between loading the URL and when a reader can start interacting with your Simplebooklets.