simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Video Simplebooklets, UI Updates, and Speed Improvements





We continue to work hard in improving the features and capabilities with Simplebooklet. This week, we're introducing a new Simplebooklet feature and some user interface updates to improve your experience.

Video Simplebooklets

You can now create a Simplebooklet from a Video. This is great if you want to present a video on it's own Simplebooklet microsite, then add it to your collection. Basically, it takes your video url, creates a single page Simplebooklet of that video, then allows you to customize the microsite page the video is displayed on.

It's great for sharing videos outside of youtube, google drive and vimeo, so you can put your own logo and URL on the video you share, while also customizing the actual display of the video. Since it's also a Simplebooklet, you can layer additional content on top of the video (such as hotspot links, text, buttons) to make your video have clickable actions.

It's also a really useful tool for adding a video as a standalone piece of content on your collections page.


To try using this new tool, go to your Simplebooklet dashboard, and select UPLOAD VIDEO to get started.

User Interface Updates

We're always working on improving the placement and presentation of our tools to make it easier to make and share your Simplebooklets. In doing so, we've cleaned up the toolbars in the EDIT and DESIGN tab, plus made some updates to various popups and modals around the platform.

Speed Improvements

The bulk of our effort over the summer was working on improving the load times of your Simplebooklet. In doing so, a lot of this takes place in the background so your readers will see the benefits in improved loading and responsiveness of your Simplebooklet.

We have also made it possible for you to activate or deactivate some of these improvements. To turn on or off these new features: Lazy Image Load, Loading Indicator, and Deferred Page loading, go to the DESIGN TAB and select PAGE ACTIONS. You can toggle each one on or off depending on if you want to use it or not.

As well, stay tuned as we plan on a big release at the end of September.