Updates for March 1st, 2019

We've released a number of new updates to simplebooklet for March. We hope you enjoy them.

Unsplash Images

You can now add royalty free images to your simplebooklet pages. From the EDIT tab, tap the IMAGES tool and search for photos that would compliment your content. You can use these images in any of your microsite booklet pages.


These are beautiful photos provided by some very talented photographers and are free for you to use how you like in your simplebooklet.

Etsy and Shopify Products

Do you have an Etsy or Shopify store where you sell products? If so, you can now add those products to a booklet page. This allows a customer looking at your simplebooklet to purchase the product right from your page. It's a great way to:

  • Show off a product or two.
  • Create a more dynamic emotional response in your customer about your product.
  • Reaches visitors in multiple digital channels (social, email, website).

Read all about this new feature in our latest case study.

Check out this booklet as well to see a shopify product brochure in action. Tap here


We've updated the analytics page for your simplebooklet. With an easier to understand set of graphs and layout, you'll quickly get insight into the reach and engagement of your simplebooklets. Even better, we're now tracking all click activity on your microsite, so you can better understand how customers are engaging with your content.


We've updated the email notifications you receive from simplebooklet. You can now receive emails whenever someone shares your booklet on a social network, in email, or grabs your embed code. You'll also get notified whenever a customer completes a form or your lead gate.

New Subscription Plans

We've released new subscription models for specific customer types. We have received a lot of requests from Tourism Bureaus, Client Agencies, Franchise Businesses, and Dealership Networks to provide a white label version of simplebooklet. This allows the business to offer sub accounts in their existing simplebooklet account, offer a branded login page, and more. As the Primary account administrator, you can see what is produced and promoted by your linked accounts, while also deploying simplebooklets to some or all of these sub accounts. It's a great way to manage simplebooklet microsites across multiple clients or teams.

UI Clean Up

Yep, a few little more updates to the user interface to hopefully make it easier to use and know what to do next.

We've got some great stuff getting prepped for rollout in the month of March.

Thanks, Scott