Updates for February 1st, 2019


Help out your customers with our new search tool. This new search feature appears in your simplebooklet nav bar and allows your customer to keyword search your pages.



You've got 4 new settings for the visibility of your simplebooklet microsite:

  • Public Anyone can see your simplebooklet microsite.
  • Link Only Your microsite is hidden from search engines.
  • Password Only those with a password can view your microsite.
  • Paused Only you can see your microsite.

Set the visibility for any of your microsites right from your simplebooklet dashboard.

Design Wizard

We want to make sure your simplebooklet looks the best, so we've introduced a design wizard to help walk you through the most critical features you need in a microsite. You can activate it from the Design tab or whenever you convert a file.

Valentine Backgrounds

Not only have we updated our microsite background tool to be much easier to use and select a background, we've also updated it with new Valentine's backgrounds. Great for your holiday themed simplebooklets.

Google Slides, Powerpoint, and Keynote

Learn about the value of putting your presentation slides up on their own microsite to effectively influence your customers. Read about it here