This is big: Installable Simplebooklets

This is a major update for the way you use Simplebooklet.

With this update, your customers can now download and install your simplebooklet flipbook as a stand alone native like app on any device. From their mobile, tablet or desktop device, your customer will simply tap the install button, and your flipbooklet will be installed as a stand alone app on their device.

Your customer will see a branded launch icon on their mobile homescreen or computer desktop. When tapped, it will open your flipbooklet in a dedicated viewer. This viewer will present your Simplebooklet flipbooklet exactly the same way it looks in your browser.

The Benefits Of Installing A Simplebooklet

There are a lot of benefits to having an installable Simplebooklet flipbooklet, for both your customer and your organization. They include:

  1. Offine Viewing The ability to view your flipbooklet offline means now your customer can open and read your flipbooklet even if they don't have an Internet connection.

  2. Same Great Presentation Instead of the usual PDF viewer with a flat vertical presentation, your customer gets the professional presentation you created using our DESIGN tools to make sure that your flipbooklet still looks impressive on any device.

  3. Faster Loading It removes a lot of the friction of using an URL. Now, a customer simply taps the branded launch icon on their homescreen and they are reading your flipbooklet. No more opening a browser, trying to remember your booklet URL, and typing it in on a little keyboard. One tap and they are reading your flipbooklet. Plus a lot of the code is stored locally so less stuff to wait for to download.

  4. Native Experience You impress customers by having a flipbooklet that they can actually install on their device and experience your content, looking like you've spent thousands of dollars building a native app.

  5. Any Device Your flipbooklet can be installed on any device, from iOS, padOS, MacOS, to Windows and Android. Your flipbooklet will act as a native app on a mobile, tablet, and desktop computer.

Making Your Simplebooklet Flipbooklet Installable

It's easy to turn any existing flipbooklet into an installable app. First, you will need a PRO level subscription or higher to access this feature.

To activate the Installation Option for your customers, do the following:

  1. Open your simplebooklet in the DESIGN tab.
  2. Select NAVBARS menu.
  3. Toggle on the INSTALL button to appear in your navigation bar.
  4. Set up the customization options for your icon brand.

Now, when a customer taps the install icon on your flipbooklet's navbar, they will have the option to install on any device they are currently using. Install it on your own device to keep your own flipbooklet accessible anytime.

Learn more in this help document:

Try it yourself on this demonstration booklet we've created for you to see just how powerful this feature could be for your business.