Themes, SEO, and A New Publish Tab

We've just rolled a series of new tools and features to Simplebooklet.


Themes are pre-designed layouts for the microsite that your Simplebooklet is displayed on. The theme sets the background, page turn buttons, navbars, and fonts and colors used in your presentation. You can choose one of our professionally designed themes or save your own so you can apply it to any of your booklets. Any theme can be applied and then customized after you apply it.

Themes should help you look more professional when you share your booklet and speed up your design of your Simplebooklet.

Themes are found in the DESIGN tab.

Search Engine Optimization

Simplebooklet's are quite effective at getting indexed on search engines. To improve that search engine discovery, we've released a new set of tools that will help you tell search engines exactly what you want them to know about your Simplebooklet.

From the PUBLISH tab, you can provide a description for your Simplebooklet and provide structured data so search engines index you better.


We've redesigned the layout of the PUBLISH tab to make it quicker and easier to use. We've reorganized where you find different ways to publish and hopefully make it clearer to accomplish your distribution goals.

Stay tuned for new updates coming out in the next month.