simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Paywall, New Canva Update, and Change to BUSINESS plans





We're excited to release two new updates today. A new Paywall Feature so you can charge people to access your Simplebooklet content with no fees, and a new way to quickly access Canva designed templates to import into your Simplebooklet account.

Sell Your Simplebooklet

Sell your magazine, newsletter, elearning course, or any content you publish on Simplebooklet. Readers from all over the world can purchase access to your booklet directly. You have total control of when the paywall appears and price you charge. Collect your revenue through Paypal. Simplebooklet doesn't charge any fees on your transactions.

You can add your own logo, your own price, a short description, and choose which page it is shown on in your booklet (so you can provide a preview of a few pages before they arrive at your paywall). All pages after the display of the paywall are hidden.


Once a purchase has been made, the reader is given a password they can use to access the booklet from any device. You can manage and track access of these purchases from the purchase management button in the publish tools.

You'll need a Paypal account and a Simplebooklet Business account to use this feature.

Canva Templates

You can access canva templates right from the Simplebooklet dashboard. It's now an option in the dropdown menu when starting a new Simplebooklet. Select the Use A Canva Template to get started.


You'll be able to choose what kind of template to start with and then will go to Canva to create your content. When done, make sure you have added the simplebooklet plugin for canva and export your new template design back to your Simplebooklet account so you can design the presentation and start sharing it everywhere.

BUSINESS plan update

We've made a change to how our Business plans work on Simplebooklet. Now, you can add an unlimited number of team accounts to your Business account. We are no longer charging for additional team accounts. This means you can add as many team members or clients to your Business account.

We have moved to a pool model for business account booklets. Your account starts with 200 concurrent simplebooklets. You and your team accounts can all pull new booklets from this pool of booklets. When you need more, simply purchase additional booklets for your Business plan and they will be available to you and your team accounts to pull from. We found this model will actually be more cost effective to our business plans, easier to manage, and will allow you to better balance your total concurrent booklets across accounts.

General Updates

We've updated a few features and fixed some bugs.

The launch icon for your installed booklets is now updated to better select the logo from your logo library. The launch icon will pull from the menu icon you add to your logo library.

The homepage and some of the sub pages have been updated. Stay tuned as we plan to keep updating our industry and features pages to make them easier to understand and provide guides to how to use Simplebooklet in your situation.

We've added some new clip art stickers to our EDIT tool. Examples are a SOLD sticker for our realtors and SOLD OUT for our retailers and event managers.