Page Narration and More

We've just released a big update to bring more engagement to your booklets; per page narration.

Page Narration

What this means is you can now record up to a 2 minute audio clip for each page in your simplebooklet. This audio can either be triggered by the person reading your page or you can set it to auto play on page open.


Page narration means you'll be able to:

  1. Narrate a powerpoint, slides, or keynote presentation to give your audience context to what's on the slide.
  2. Highlight content on a page that you think is relevant.
  3. Expand on the content on a page.
  4. Reveal information that is complimentary to the page being viewed.
  5. Turn a brochure or flyer into an audio book like experience.

Check out this example to see page narration in action.

Also, we'll be sending you a new monthly email that highlights the organic traffic your simplebooklet has generated through Google searches. It will give you a good sense of how effective your SEO enhancements in your booklet are in driving discovery of your content through Google.