simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Our Biggest Update In A Year




Okay, we've been very busy. You've probably seen a few little updates over the summer, but this new update brings some pretty great new features to Simplebooklet. Today, we're rolling out:

  • New cookieless analytics
  • New essentials navbar layout
  • Management tools for team accounts
  • New Shopify integration
  • New UX improvements
  • Lots of performance improvements

Cookieless Analytics

This is a bit of a beta rollout, being available to Business accounts as we start, with a plan to roll out this new analytics service to all paid plans by December of this year. Our new analytics will give you significantly deeper insight into the engagement and activity your audience on your Simplebooklet.

Visitor ID Tracking: Get detailed insight into a specific visitor, including how long they spend on each page, how often they return and what they click on next. You'll even see their location, time of day and what devices they use to consume your content.


Live Reports: Get realtime tracking of activity in your Simplebooklet as it happens. You'll see how many people are currently viewing your content and what they are doing with it.

Map Views: See visitors on a map in realtime and over time. Change the map scale to see detailed engagement in a specific region. Know where people are reading your content from.


Engagement: Get insightful summaries of repeat visitors, what they click on, how many actions they take, and view it all over your desired time period with easy to understand graphs.


You'll collect document-level analytics tracking top performing pages, average location access, and version performance. Fine tune your content and achieve your goals faster.

Essentials Layout

After a lot of analysis of the engagement on Simplebooklet, we've created a new, optimized navigation layout. We call it Essential.

You can select the Essential layout from the DESIGN tab under the NAVBAR menu. Its also our new default landing page layout for all new Simplebooklets.


This new layout is designed to maximize engagement with your audience. Calls to action are more engaging, wayfinding elements are better positioned, and branded elements are a bit bolder. You can expect better feedback and more audience activation with the Essentials layout for presenting your Simplebooklet.

The essentials layout also comes with an improved mobile and tablet layout. Making the right menus available at the right time in your Simplebooklets. We've made a light and dark essentials based theme you can choose from, or simply apply the essentials layout to your existing custom landing pages with your own backgrounds and selected navigation elements.

Team Account Management

This has been a big request, and we're finally getting it out there. We're giving you much more granular control over any team accounts you manage under your administrator account.

You can now:

  • Reset a team members account password
  • Set a limit to the number of active Simplebooklets a team member can have in their account
  • Make a team account read-only
  • A simple check box to allow team accounts to collaborate with each other.


Setting Simplebooklet Limits As the administrator of the business plan, you can limit how many Simplebooklets a team member can have in their account. Its a great way to manage the pool of booklets you have across multiple accounts.

Read Only Team Accounts When you set a team account as read only, they cannot edit, change the design or narrate a Simplebooklet. You can copy or transfer a booklet into their account and they can share it and get analytics reporting from those booklets. They can also apply their brand kit to the booklets in their account. Its a great way to support people in sales or front line customer success where you don't want them to edit the content but want them to be able to share a personalized booklet.

Collaboration You can now set the collaboration between team accounts as the administrator. You can choose which team accounts have access to a specific team members account to collaborate on those booklets.

Shopify Integration

We've made some big improvements to our Shopify integration. You can now, from the EDIT tab, import all SKUs from your Shopify store, then place "see in store" buttons on any page of your Simplebooklet to direct your customer to the correct page in your estore right from your Simplebooklet page.

Its terrific if you have an existing catalog or product brochure that you want to display in your shopify website or share around on social media, then drive potential customers right to your product's page.

General Improvements

We've made a lot of updates to the backend pipes of Simplebooklet in the last couple of months. These should be visible in performance improvements you'll see with this new update.

Stick with us as you are going to see some game changing new features before the end of the year!