simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

New Narrate Tab, Mobile UX Improvements, Thinkific, New User Guide and under the hood fixes.




New Narrate Features

After a lot of user testing and feedback, we've made some big updates to how you use voice and video to narrate the pages of your Simplebooklet. Big changes include:

  1. One tool to record either voice or video for your page narration.
  2. Better workflow as you move page to page on your narration.
  3. A teleprompt tool where you can write talking points, detach it from the interface, and place it near your webcam so you can maintain better camera eye contact.
  4. Cleaner invite process for your guest page narrators to contribute their voices to your pages.
  5. Faster video and voice notation loading and playback.
  6. Improved recording and playback on mobile devices.

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Narration has quickly become one of the most effective ways for a Simplebooklet to capture someone's attention, improve knowledge transfer, and drive outreach from your audience. We've had feedback from Simplebooklet users that it's reduced the number of meetings they've needed with clients and they've seen a significant increase in audience feedback coming right from their Simplebooklet.

We hope you'll take advantage of this feature to really improve your lead magnet game!

Mobile Landscape Improvements

We've also significantly improved the presentation of your Simplebooklet in mobile devices when in landscape mode. Now your double page Simplebooklets and presentation style Simplebooklets can be viewed in landscape mode on your phone at twice the size. You'll see a lot more of the phone's viewport dedicated to displaying your booklet and improving the knowledge transfer with your audience.



Navbars can be hidden while viewing your Simplebooklet on a phone. Simply tap on the booklet and your navbar will disappear and increase the viewable area for your Simplebooklet. Tap again to bring the navbar back.

We've also added a legend to the navbar to help people navigate your Simplebooklet. When tapping on the help button, they will get a series of overlay instructions to show them how to navigate this great new piece of content.


Adding more Simplebooklets to your account is also faster and easier. Simply tap the add more booklets, and we'll automatically add them to your account. No more checkout required. It will be added to your next subscription renewal automatically.

Thinkific Integration

If you use Thinkific for delivering your courses, but find that you need something to make your courses "stickier" so more students complete them, then Simplebooklet is for you. Our new embed code for Thinkific will allow you to embed fully interactive, narrated flipbooks into your course pages. This helps keep a student's attention and makes knowledge transfer more fun and effective. You'll see more course completions and students who are keen to share how much they enjoyed your teaching experience.

New Tips Guide

Want to take your Simplebooklet to the next level? Take a read through our latest guide on improving engagement with your audience.

Make Your Simplebooklet Engage.gif


Up and Coming

As always, your feedback is what guides our development. In the new year, you can expect a number of big improvements and new features as we continue to improve engagement in your Simplebooklets.

Thanks again, Scott and the Simplebooklet Team.