New Features for September

We've rolled out new features for our Starter, Pro, and Business plans.

For All Plans:

Default Settings - on your dashboard you now have the option to set up default variables that get applied across all of your simplebooklets. You can set your contact information, google analytics ID, logo, and search availability status. These default variables will get applied across all your booklets and any new booklets you create. You can override any of them directly by editing the content in a simplebooklet.

3dcart - sell products on 3dcart? now you can embed those products in a simplebooklet page. Your customers will be able to select quantity, color,and more, then add them directly to your store cart on 3dcart right from your simplebooklet. Its a great way to make a landing page or microsite that focuses on one or two products from your inventory.

Website URL Linking - Expanding on the ability to add a weblink to any element or creating a link hotspot on your page, you now have 3 options for how that link is opened. You can choose to open the link in a new tab, open the link in your current tab (which would replace the booklet in the browser tab with that webpage), or you can have that link open in a lightbox. The lightbox will open as a fullscreen overlay on top of your simplebooklet. This is a great way to show a simplebooklet embedded in another simplebooklet, or a form from another webpage, while ensuring that the reader doesn't leave your booklet.

Variables in Text - You can now display the default setting variables inside text elements. Highlight some text in your textbox and use the variables button in the text tools to automatically select some of the variable settings to replace that text. It's a great way to personalize content that is used for templates or copies. It will take the contact information found in your Contact menu or default settings and automatically replace the content in that text box.

For Business Plans:

Team Accounts - We've made it much easier to set up and manage team accounts. These are accounts that you, as the admin account, can create, manage, and populate with copies of your booklets. Under the new team account menu, you can add a new team account user (the user will receive an email inviting them to access their new account). You can import multiple booklets at once into the team member's account using the import tool. Team accounts are useful for anyone managing a sales team, franchises, client accounts, and travel agents. Each team account has the same features you find in a PRO plan.

Team Account Variables - You can set the default variable settings for each team account. When you import a booklet from your admin account into the team account, it will automatically update the copied booklet with the team account default information. This is terrific for personalizing booklets to the team account user.

We've got more features rolling out shortly, so stay tuned.