New Dashboard, Integrations, and WIX Plugin

We've got some big updates for June. They include a new dashboard experience, a new WIX plugin experience, and a few new Google Drive integrations.

New Dashboard

We've redesigned the dashboard of simplebooklet to make it easier to make a new microsite and access your existing microsites. We've also improved accessibility to your account information and the other tools you use to promote your business.


We are launching over the next month a number of new video tutorials as well to help you learn about all the features you can take advantage of on simplebooklet.

Wix Plugin

We've made some big improvements to our WIX integration, making it much easier to convert and manage simplebooklet's on your WIX page. The new Wix Plugin supports more file types to convert and improves the tool access for managing existing embedded simplebooklets.


Google Drive Integrations

You can now add a Google Sheets or Google Slides presentation as a button on your page. When your reader taps the button, it will launch a lightbox to give your reader access to that spreadsheet or slide presentation.


We've added a new feature that allows you to embed a video you have stored in your Google Drive account. By connecting your Google Drive account in the Video tool in the EDIT tab, you can add your video to your simplebooklet page. No more requirement to have the video on Youtube or Vimeo.

We'll be launching some more new features in July so stay tuned.