simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Narration Invite Update, Video Blur, New Integrations




We've been busy on a number of new upgrades to the Simplebooklet platform. This week, we're introducing the ability to invite anyone to narrate your entire document, even if they do not have a Simplebooklet account. We're also introducing the ability to blur your video background for video narrations, and we're improving your options to import content to your Simplebooklet account through Dropbox and Google Drive integrations.

Entire Booklet Narration Invite

You can now share an invite link with someone that will let them narrate your entire Simplebooklet. Instead of restricting them to only narrate one page, they can now narrate the entire Simplebooklet. They do not need an account on Simplebooklet to narrate your booklet either, making it incredibly easy to get the right subject matter expert narrating your content. You can use the Invite tool in the Narrate tab of Simplebooklet to get your invite link.

Video Narration Blur

If you use video narration on your pages, you can now blur your background of your video. Just like you do in your favorite video conference app, now obscure the background of the room your in to keep the focus on your face and what you're communicating. It's a simple button to click in the video narration tool.

Cloud Drive File Pickers

We've introduced a few new integrations to Simplebooklet. Now, from the dashboard, you can choose Dropbox or Google Drive to access your files (PDFs, Docs, Presentations) and upload them direct to Simplebooklet. We'll grab your file right from your cloud drive folder and start the upload process.

We've also added the Dropbox extension. This makes it really easy to send a file from your dropbox account to your Simplebooklet account. With the Dropbox extension installed, you upload your file directly within your dropbox file folder. You don't even need to start from the Simplebooklet dashboard.