simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Narration Invite, Collaboration Notes




It may not always be obvious, but we actually roll new updates to Simplebooklet every 2 weeks. However, we don't always notify our users of the updates and changes. Many of these are to do with improving performance and UI/UX tweaks to make using Simplebooklet easier and simpler. But when we roll some bigger features, we do like to provide a bit more detail. In our recent roll, we've added the following: Invite someone to narrate a booklet page, and, use notes to collaborate on shared booklets in the Edit tab.

Invite a Guest Narrator

This new feature makes it incredibly easy to invite a subject matter expert, a customer, a coworker, or really, just about anyone, to narrate a specific page on your booklet. They don't need an account. You just send them a link, they open it, make their recording, and submit it. You can review it (they can add more than one) and you choose the one you want to add to the page.

We're finding that narrations increase engagement with a booklet by over 500%, so it's a very powerful feature to make your content much more persuasive to your reader. Even using just the audio only version of page narration has an amazing effect on your readers.

Collaboration Notes and To Dos

You can now write down notes and to dos on a booklet you are working on with others in your Simplebooklet account. Each note you create will be labelled with your account name, the date and time you created it. When another user opens the notes, they can see what you wrote, and add their own notes.

It's a useful way when creating a booklet to share input on what needs to be done in working on or enhancing pages of your document.