simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Narration, Instagram, Image Library and New Chat Support




We're working on a lot of new features and capabilities here at Simplebooklet. We're excited to roll out a few new ones today.

New Simplebooklet Narration

Because of the engagement metrics we've seen with video and voice narrated booklets, we've made an extra effort to make narrating your Simplebooklet, well, simple. Narration has turned out to increase engagement by an order of magnatude compare to just text.

We've created a completely new tab dedicated to adding narration to your Simplebooklet. This new narration studio makes it easy to record video or audio only clips per page. You can set the narration to auto play the moment the page opens, and turn pages the moment the narration finishes. Even cooler, you can add notations to your page and time them to your narration, holding onto your customer's attention even stronger.

Our approach to narration differs greatly from most tools that do this. Often, most are just screen recorders, forcing you to record from start to finish all in one go and stick you with a large video file at the end to share. Sorry, that really just doesn't cut it. Our approach is to add your narration as small clips to each page, so you still share your simplebooklet from a single URL and your reader can interact with it just as they normally would (zoom in, search, tap buttons). Since it's clips, you don't have to try and nail your narration from start to finish. You can even update specific pages at anytime and keep your other narrations. Not only that, you can upload a video file (even from someone else) to add narration from specific locations or from coworkers with specific expertise to the page on hand.

We think you'll find narration a very powerful new feature for your communications.

Instagram Posting

You can now post to Instagram right from your publish tab. You'll be able to post a cover image or a video of your booklet flipping it's pages to your Instagram feed. You'll also be able to add and update the comments for your post. It does come with some caveats from Facebook. You will need a facebook business page and your Instagram account needs to be connected to this business page. But after you set it up the first time, its simple to post your next Simplebooklet.

New Image Library

We've added a new image library feature to adding images. You can now upload multiple images at once to a library. From your library, you can drag these images onto your pages. You can also replace an existing image on your page using the replace function.

Chat Support

We've also upgraded our chat support capabilities. We can now support you with realtime screensharing, debugging, and voice and video chat. We think our chat will be more responsive and we'll be able to solve issues faster that come up for you, our user. With this is also a completely revamped help center, but it's not quite done so a few holes to keep filling in there.