simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Map Your Collection





We've released a new update for the map view in Collections. This is the feature where you can display your collection of Simplebooklets on a map and the booklets are placed based on their address.

This new update will allow you to put in a distinct physical address for each brochure you create. Previously we used the address you would add in your Business/Contact Card, but that didn't work in situations where the business card and the brochure required different addresses (for example with property feature sheets for realtors or menus for franchises).

To set up the correct address for your brochure, open it in the DESIGN tab and select Navigation. Then select COLLECTION ADDRESS and enter in the location address you want your brochure to appear in the map view of your collection.

Now when someone views your collection in the map view, your brochures will appear in the correct location.