Installable Collections and Downloadable Contact Cards

Our focus has been in making your flipbooks stickier and more engaging in an effort to get customers to take action. Today, we're releasing two new features to do just that: Installable Collections and Downloadable Contact Cards.

Installable Collections

Similar to our update last month that makes it possible for a customer to install your flipbook on their device for offline viewing, we are now releasing the same capability for your collections. Now a customer can install your collection on their device (computer, tablet, and phone) and have access to any of the simplebooklets you've included in your collection. Think of it like a folder where your curated simplebooklets are easily accessible all in one location for your customer.

When you update your collection your customer will see the changes immediately. It becomes a repository on your customers device that you get to manage the content remotely.

Installable collections have a lot of benefits:


Your readers can install a collection of your newsletters on their device. Whenever you create a new newsletter, just add it to the collection and your reader will automatically see it. Plus they will have quick access to your entire archive of old newsletters. All from a single click, no URLs to remember.


Create collections around a destination or a travelers trip. The traveler installs the collection on their mobile device or tablet and they will have the relevant brochures and flyers for your destination right at their fingertips, even if they don't have a connection. It's the easiest way to create a travel kit for a tourist.


Build portfolios of products and services to share with a customer. The customer only need tap on your logo on their device to launch the set of brochures and products guides you've assembled for them to reference.

Its a one tap experience for your customers to access multiple booklets all at once through a branded native-app like experience.

Downloadable Contact Cards

We've had a contact menu in your simplebooklet navigation tools for quite awhile. It's been a very successful way to engage with customers and get them to reach out to your business. But we wanted to really leverage this tool to create a lasting connection. We wanted them to be more like a business card itself. card-on-page.png

To make this happen, we've enhanced the contact card to do the following:

  1. You can now add your Name, Business Title and Company to the Business Card.

  2. The contact card has been reformatted to look more like a Business Card.

  3. At the bottom of the contact card, there is now a downloadable VCF file. When the customer taps on that, they can import all your contact data into the apps they use (sgoogle contacts, apple contacts, etc..). That way you are permanently in their contacts list and can be used by other applications like phone, email, and texting.

Default Settings

The default settings on the dashboard will let you fill out the contact card information in one place then have it applied to all the simplebooklets and collections in your account. It helps speed up the process of creating multiple simplebooklets without having to repeat add information in each one.