simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Headshots and Image Cropping

[New] We're excited to release two new features to Simplebooklet, based on feedback from our users. Headshots for voice narration and the ability to crop an image on your page.

Headshots for Voice Narration

You can now add a headshot to the voice narration you place on your page. It's a great way to put a face to the voice and build a stronger human connection.


Your voice narration player will now have the option of displaying a headshot, logo, or anything else you'd like to display as you narrate.

You can have more than one headshot depending on who's narrating or even if wanted to express different emotions with different facial expressions.

Adding a headshot is simple. In the your voice narration tool, before or after you record your narration, tap the upload button to add your headshot.


You can have multiple headshots as well saved in your headshot library. When you upload a headshot, it gets added to your library automatically.


Simply clicking on a headshot from your library will add it to your narration player.

Managing headshots

You can manage your headshots in your brand kit. There you'll find all the headshots you've uploaded and can remove any that you no longer want. You can also set a headshot to be your default. This will automatically apply it to your voice narrations.

We hope you take advantage of this new feature, we think it will add a lot of personality to your voice narrations.

Image Cropping

We've just updated our image management tool for any images and photos you add to your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab. Image cropping is for when you are enhancing your page with additional images you upload from our Add Image Tool.

Image cropping lets you set the size of the image container, then move the image around and resize it to show only the image area you want.

To start, go to your page with the image you want to crop. A single click on the image will reveal the image container. You can resize the entire image by grabbing and dragging the bottom right corner of the image.


To crop the image inside the image container, you can tap the orange crop tool in the top left corner (or double click on the image). This will reveal the image cropping tools (four green dots in the corners).

If you grab and drag any of these corners, you'll see that the image will change shape but the image container will stay the same size. This way you can only show in your image container the part of the photo you want revealed.

When dragging the four green dots, your image will maintain its aspect ratio.


While in cropping mode, you can also change the size and ratio of the actual image container, so changing the "frame" dimensions of your image.


You can see how we've been able to change the frame of the image to be a different ratio, and we've been able to show only part of the original image we started with.


This should give all our users a lot more flexibility with the image tool when enhancing their pages.

General Updates

We've updated our homepage and over the next few weeks, you'll start to see more use cases and examples so you can get the most out of your Simplebooklet account.