Google Forms and Fullscreen

We've released two new features for your simplebooklet microsites: Google Forms integration and Fullscreen views from your embedded simplebooklets.

Google Forms

You can add a Google Form to your simplebooklet page. This places a custom labelled button on your page that when pressed, opens your Google Form in a lightbox window. Your visitor can fill out your form and the information will be captured to your Google account and recorded in your simplebooklet lead activity. You can have multiple forms on a page and across pages.

Adding a Google Form

First, you want to create your form in your Google drive account. Once it's created, you can add it to your simplebooklet microsite from the EDIT tab.

  1. Select the Integrations Menu, then select Google Forms.
  2. Log into your Google Account
  3. Select your Google Form from the pulldown select menu.
  4. Label your button.
  5. Add your form to your page.

Your form button will appear in the middle of your page. You can then drag it anywhere on your page and use the style tools to give it a border color, drop shadow and more custom design features.


Preview your booklet to see the form in action as it appears in a lightbox overlaying your page.


The fullscreen button in the embed menu now keeps your visitor on your site. Previously, it would trigger a new browser tab to view your booklet. Now, when a visitor taps the fullscreen button, your booklet will open in a lightbox overlay that covers the entire screen. They can flip through your simplebooklet and then tap the escape key and return to your page.

Additional Updates

As always, we continue to make improvements to the user interface, with updates to the dashboard and microsite tools and functionality.