Google Docs and Slides Apps Integration

We've just released a big update to integrate your Google Docs, Slides, and Drive account with your simplebooklet account. You can now turn any slide or doc you have in your Google account into a simplebooklet microsite right from Google Docs and Google Slides. You can even edit the file in your new microsite.


This gives you a lot more authoring options for your content. Use the templates in Google Docs and Slides to start your new brochure, flyer or newsletter, then import it to simplebooklet and voila, you have a microsite you can share, post, pin, email and promote all from a unique, branded web address.

Get it for Google Docs

Get it for Google Slides

It's easy to start using this feature:

  1. Sign into your Google Docs or Slides account.
  2. Tap the ADD-ON menu option.
  3. Search for the Simplebooklet add-on and install it.


Now, with any Doc or Slide open that you'd like to convert into a microsite:

  1. Tap the ADD-ON menu.
  2. Select the Simplebooklet add-on.
  3. Select the "convert to microsite" option.


You'll be launched into your simplebooklet account and we'll automatically start converting and optimizing your slide or doc to be an impressive microsite.

Here are a couple of examples of a Doc and Slide file being converted to a microsite.

Product Brochure Google Doc

What your doc looks like in Google Docs. screenshots-doc-1.png

What your doc looks like as a microsite on simplebooklet.


Presentation Google Slides

What your slide looks like in Google Slides. screenshot-1.png

What your Slides look like as a microsite. screenshot-3.png

It's the easiest way to get a website going for your product, service, or event when using Google Docs and Slides.