simplebooklet updates
simplebooklet updates

Global Replace, Mailchimp, Secure Links, Team Notification, and more





Hey Everyone,

We've rolled a number of new features and some improvements today on Simplebooklet. I'll list them out here.

Global Copy And Replace

This is a new way to update booklets in connected and team accounts. If you create and copy a booklet from your account into another account, previously there was no way to make an update to that copied booklet. Well now you can. Any booklet you copy from your main account to any of your team or connected accounts (or all of them), you can now update them all at once.

From the copy button on the dashboard, you select if you want to create this as a new booklet or replace a previous version you've already duplicated into team or connected accounts. Think of it like version control. You made a copy of a booklet in your team accounts, you want to update it, so you update it in your account, then use the copy then replace feature to update all the versions out there.


You can now add a mailchimp popup to replace the lead gate. This means your mailchimp subscribe form can appear at any point in your Simplebooklet pages and collect data that immediately gets added to your mailchimp list.

To use this new feature, go to the DESIGN tab and tap the popups tool. You'll connect your mailchimp account and start collecting data right away to your list.

Secure Links

We've updated how our secure links work. Now, we can automatically set the secure key to make your Simplebooklet only accessible from the page you share it from. So if a person tries to share your booklet any other way than from the page you have it embedded or have the link, it will not open but redirect them to a page of your choice. This is great if you have content on simplebooklet that is for members only or is in a paid section of your website or even for an intranet.

To make your link secure, all you have to do is, from the PUBLISH tab, add in the website domain of where the booklet will be accessed from, and add a URL that unauthorized viewers are sent to.

Team Notifications

Now, when you add a team member to your business account, they will receive an email welcoming them to your team with their login credentials. No more notifying them manually.

Updates and Enhancements

We continue to update and enhance our user interface. We're improving our form fields to be more obvious and intuitive, as well as providing more content to help explain the features found on Simplebooklet in our homepage and support pages.