Embed Code and Lead Gate Updates

We've just rolled some new updates to our embed code and lead gate.

Embed Code

You can now add the zoom/shrink button to both your embedded booklets and your lightbox fullscreen booklets. This means a viewer can zoom and pan your pages scaled in and out both on your website page and when they open it in the fullscreen lightbox view.

You can also choose to open your embedded booklet either as a lightbox or as a new tab in the browser. By default it opens as a lightbox that fills the entire screen with an opaque black background. When you choose to open the fullscreen view in a new tab, it opens it with all the microsite customization for your booklet that you did in the DESIGN tab.

To configure these settings, go to the PUBLISH tab > Select EMBED ON WEBSITES > then toggle on the menu options for Magnify Buttons and Fullscreen Open Fullscreen As Tab.

Lead Gate

The lead gate that requires a viewer to enter some personal information before being able to view your content now has a new field. You can now select to collect the customers Business Name. To add the business name requirement, you can do the following:

Open your booklet in the DESIGN tab > Tap POPUPS > LEAD GATE > check the box beside Business Name.