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simplebooklet updates






This is one we're very excited about. You can now animate any element on your Simplebooklet. This means you can set a photo, text, buttons, videos, and more to animate based on a number of actions. Probably the best way to see what we mean is to view this example booklet with multiple animations taking place.


You can make animations do almost anything.

  1. Choose from dozens of different animations, from zooming, flying, fading, wobbling, and many more.
  2. Set what causes the animation to occur, on page open or close, on mouse hover, or even on a tap.
  3. Set the timing of an animation, so you can delay when the animation happens after your page opens or an even like hover occurs.
  4. Set what happens when the animations finishes. You can have the element disappear, reappear, or even loop.

Animiations are very easy to set up. In the EDIT tab, you select the element you want to animate, then tap the ANIMATE button in the toolbar on the left. You'll select from the pulldown menu each action or option you want for your animation. You'll see the animation preview in your page when you select it. Make your choices and it will be automatically saved. Then view your booklet in PREVIEW to see the animation in action.

Animations work on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

We can't wait to see what you do with Simplebooklets and animations.