Video Narration

First and foremost, Simplebooklet was designed to make your boring old print communications more engaging and influential. We've added features like interactive buttons, embedded videos, and a whole lot of branding. We want your content to impress people and be authentic to who you are and what you are trying to communicate.

Over the last 10 months, one method of communication that we've all come to rely on is video conversations. They don't need high production values and we've all looked into a few home offices and living rooms during this pandemic. But one thing these videos have done is given us a face to see and a confidence to believe in the communicator on the other side of the video. We wanted to bring that same authenticity to your Simplebooklet presentations. So after a lot of work, we're excited to release our latest feature, video narration of your Simplebooklet.

Now you can narrate your Simplebooklet using your webcam and microphone.

We've taken a different approach to our video narration tool than many others.

Per Page Narration

Instead of trying to narrate the entire booklet as a video, you can record your video narration on a per page basis. This means you only have to record your narration on the page you want it to appear.

Auto Play or Manual

You can set your video narration to automatically start to play when your reader opens to your page. By default it requires your reader to tap on your video to start playing your narration.

Auto Page Flip

Want to keep your booklet flowing? You can set your page to flip automatically to the next page after your video narration has completed. This is a great way to walk a person through a presentation or slide deck.

Some great ways to use Video Narration are suggested below:

Learning Management Content

Keep people engaged with your content by guiding readers through the content found on your page and helping them better understand what's important. People retain an order of magnitude more information via video than text.


Take your Google slides or Microsoft powerpoint and turn it into an automated presentation system. Record your talking points for each slide and automatically flip the slides when you are done. No need to be there when your Video Narration walks your audience through your deck.


Let potential buyers and sellers see your passion for the properties you represent. So much of real estate transactions are built on confidence and trust in the realtor, so put yourself forward and let your clients know how much you are committed to what is most likely one of the biggest transactions in their lives.

Magazines and Ad Supported Content

Create video narration for your advertisers, highlighting a sponsorship of your magazine page. Just like we're used to podcasters and youtube personalities promoting products, you can do the same with video narration.

Product Highlights

Use your video narration to point out features or benefits of your product that aren't communicated on your page. Or even if they are, most people don't want to read a thousand lines of text to get to what you know is the most important part of the decision.


A quick testimonial or a personal reference of why a destination or activity is so great will go a long way to highlighting the benefits of your hotel, activity or tour. People are more excited when they get to hear from an expert before taking on a big trip or adventure.

We are making video narration available on a limited basis right now only to our Business plans as we learn how we can continue to improve and enhance this feature.

New Features

We were busy over the holiday break adding new features to make your Simplebooklet's even more engaging.

Slideshow Button and Link Hotspot

Now you can add a button or a link hotspot that triggers a slideshow of images and captions to launch fullscreen from your page. It's a great way to add additional photos to your page from a click of the mouse or a tap of the finger. To add a slideshow, open your booklet in the EDIT tab, then select the image button feature or the link hotspot feature. Upload your images, add optional captions, then place it on your page. Your slideshow will play in a fullscreen lightbox.


The slideshow feature is an enhancement to the old image button and image link hotspot feature. Select those same tools and you have the option of adding multiple images to your lightbox popouts beyond just a single image.


Cookie GDPR Notification Option

To meet the requirements of some customers, we've added the option to display a GDPR cookie notification when your booklet is first opened by the user. This will display a popup window with your cookie notification and the acceptance button to continue to view your booklet. It works even if you have a password requirement or a lead gate set up for your booklet.



Automatic Page Turning for Narration

Voice narration of your simplebooklet is a very effective way to keep your audience engaged. In our efforts to improve this feature, we've added a new automation feature. You can now set your booklet to automatically flip to the next page once your voice narration has completed playing on the page. This will help keep your presentation flowing as the pages will automatically transition. To use this feature, go to the DESIGN tab and select narration, then toggle on the automatic page flip. You can set the automatic transition per page.


More Ways To Brand Your Simplebooklet

We've updated how you can display your logo on your Simplebooklet. Instead of just one spot to place your logo, we've made it possible to upload up to 4 versions of your logo to be used in specific places on your Simplebooklet and the microsite and menus that go with it.

Previously, you could only upload one version of your logo to have it displayed in the browser tab, the navigation bar, the popup menus, and the microsite background. Now, with this update, you can have different logos that appear in each of those 4 areas. This means you can upload a properly sized logo for the browser tab, a different logo for the navigation bar, a different logo for the menus (about, contact, loading screen), and for the background of your Simplebooklet microsite.


To upload your logos, open your Simplebooklet in DESIGN, then tap the new LOGO button in the left hand column. Toggle the tabs to select which logo you want to upload and you are set.

You can also add a hyperlink to your logo. So when a customer taps on your logo, it will take them to your website (or really anywhere you send someone from the link).

New Replace Tool

We've released an update to our Simplebooklet replace tool. Now when you need to update your Simplebooklet with a new version of your PDF, but want to keep all of the elements you added to your pages through the EDIT tool (like link hotspots, buttons, etc..) you can. We've made it possible to choose to replace everything or to just replace the pages while keeping anything extra you've added.

To use this new feature, simply click the replace button for the Simplebooklet you want to update, then in the select menu, choose to replace only the pages and keep the elements, or choose to replace everything.

Thanks again for using Simplebooklet. We're excited by the features we are going to release in 2021, as suggested by you, our users.


Page Analytics

Our Business Plans can now track analytics for each page in a booklet. We are providing analytics for each page with timelines and click actions taken by readers.

To access per page analytics, simply open your booklet in the analytics tab, then scroll to the bottom. You can then select a specific page or a range of pages to retrieve data. We'll generate an analytics card for each page you request. This page analytics card looks like this:


The date range of your page analytics are set by the date range in your booklet analytics page.

Custom Form Builder

You can now create a custom form for your Simplebooklet. You can add multiple different fields, including select menus and file uploads, all from a drag and drop form builder. Once you've built your form, you can have form submissions sent to multiple email recipients as well as have all completed forms stored in your account.


Every field is customizable, so you can make each field collect the information you need.

When you add a form to your page, you can apply styles and customization so it looks completely integrated with your page.


You can add multiple forms to a single booklet.

You can learn more about forms here in our help section or go ahead and try creating one for yourself. Custom form builder is only available in our Business Plans.

New Contact Card Features

You can now add links to your Linkedin and Youtube pages right on your contact card. This will give you more options for engaging with your audience from your Simplebooklet.


New User Interface, Download Capabilities, and Fullscreen View

In an effort to get ourselves ready for a number of new features we plan to roll out over the next two months, we've updated the user interface for your Dashboard, Edit tab, and Design tab.

New User Interface

You will find that the Dashboard has been cleaned up and now operates in a more modern layout. You can select the type of booklet you want to start from a pulldown menu, and all menus on the left hand side of the dashboard now open in the dashboard.

In the Edit and Design tabs, we've moved the tools to the left hand column, while reducing the header toolbar. This gives you a bit more space to work with your booklets while making the tools themselves easier to access, especially the sub menus that open up.

Here's a quick video to show you the updates.

We've also added these additional new features.

Fullscreen View

You can now allow your booklets to open in fullscreen from the direct link. Previously this was only available to embedded booklets, but it's now an option you can turn on for all your booklet microsites.

To use this feature, open your booklet in DESIGN, then select Navigation Bar, and toggle on the Fullscreen option.

You'll see a new fullscreen icon appear in the bottom navigation bar by your zoom tools.

Download Cover Images

We've made it easier to download your booklet cover images in the Publish tab. Select the images option for downloading, and you will now see a button that you can tap to download your booklet cover to your computer (no more right click to save required).

Animated Backgrounds, Labeled QR Codes, and more

We're busy at work on a number of new updates and feature improvements on simplebooklet, but wanted to share some new updates we've rolled to our live environment.

Animated Backgrounds

You can now set your image backgrounds to have an animation effect when they load for the first time. The animation allows you to have your background image slowly zoom in or zoom out when your booklet is loading into the browser. You can apply this effect to any image you use for your background.

QR Code Labels

You can add your domain name and booklet title to your QR codes. This makes them more useful for printing out as they can then display the title of your Simplebooklet along the top of the QR code and the booklet URL along the bottom. Its optional so you can turn them on or off to appear on your QR Code.

UI Improvements

We've made a number of UI updates to the booklets and how you can interact with them. They include:

  • Reduced the margin between the top and bottom of your Simplebooklet and the navbars on your microsite.
  • Improved the flow of a Canva user and their next steps in turning their Canva Design into a Simplebooklet.
  • Added more email notifications to let you know the status of your Simplebooklets and your account.
  • Can now turn off all navigation elements on the mobile view of your Simplebooklet.

That's all for now but stay tuned for some really big updates in the month of September.

New Animated Stickers, Page Flip Sounds, UI Improvements


We've rolled live some new features that people have been asking for over the past year: Animated stickers and Page Flip Sounds.

Animated Stickers

These are animated icons and graphics that add some motion and eye candy to your pages. They help catch a reader's attention and focus them on your page. You can find these in the EDIT tab under the new STICKERS menu option. Simply drag one onto your page. They can be scaled and positioned anywhere you like.

Page Flip Sounds

This is a new sound feature that will mimic the sound of a page flipping. You can choose between 5 different page flip sounds to best suit your booklet presentation. Page flip sounds are off by default but you can turn it on at anytime. To add a page flip sound, go to the DESIGN tab and select PAGES. You will see a new option with a pulldown menu to select the page flip sound you'd like to use.

UI Improvements

To fit in these new tools and make our app more inclusive, we've updated the menu toolbar in EDIT and DESIGN. Now, instead of text based menus, we are using icons with tooltips to identify the menu functionality. You can tap any of the menu options to use the tools to improve the interactivity of your booklets.