Animated Backgrounds, Labeled QR Codes, and more

We're busy at work on a number of new updates and feature improvements on simplebooklet, but wanted to share some new updates we've rolled to our live environment.

Animated Backgrounds

You can now set your image backgrounds to have an animation effect when they load for the first time. The animation allows you to have your background image slowly zoom in or zoom out when your booklet is loading into the browser. You can apply this effect to any image you use for your background.

QR Code Labels

You can add your domain name and booklet title to your QR codes. This makes them more useful for printing out as they can then display the title of your Simplebooklet along the top of the QR code and the booklet URL along the bottom. Its optional so you can turn them on or off to appear on your QR Code.

UI Improvements

We've made a number of UI updates to the booklets and how you can interact with them. They include:

  • Reduced the margin between the top and bottom of your Simplebooklet and the navbars on your microsite.
  • Improved the flow of a Canva user and their next steps in turning their Canva Design into a Simplebooklet.
  • Added more email notifications to let you know the status of your Simplebooklets and your account.
  • Can now turn off all navigation elements on the mobile view of your Simplebooklet.

That's all for now but stay tuned for some really big updates in the month of September.

New Animated Stickers, Page Flip Sounds, UI Improvements


We've rolled live some new features that people have been asking for over the past year: Animated stickers and Page Flip Sounds.

Animated Stickers

These are animated icons and graphics that add some motion and eye candy to your pages. They help catch a reader's attention and focus them on your page. You can find these in the EDIT tab under the new STICKERS menu option. Simply drag one onto your page. They can be scaled and positioned anywhere you like.

Page Flip Sounds

This is a new sound feature that will mimic the sound of a page flipping. You can choose between 5 different page flip sounds to best suit your booklet presentation. Page flip sounds are off by default but you can turn it on at anytime. To add a page flip sound, go to the DESIGN tab and select PAGES. You will see a new option with a pulldown menu to select the page flip sound you'd like to use.

UI Improvements

To fit in these new tools and make our app more inclusive, we've updated the menu toolbar in EDIT and DESIGN. Now, instead of text based menus, we are using icons with tooltips to identify the menu functionality. You can tap any of the menu options to use the tools to improve the interactivity of your booklets.

Animated Backgrounds

We've added a new feature to make your booklet presentations really pop. You can now select from one of our animated backgrounds. These are very low kb animated graphics that bring life and motion to your booklet URL.

To use an animated background:

  1. Open your booklet in the DESIGN tab.
  2. Select the BACKGROUND option.
  3. Tap the tab.
  4. Select the animated background you want to use.

Some of the animated backgrounds are transparent, so you can first select a solid background color and then apply the animated background to have the animation appear over the solid background color.

Canva Integration


We think this is a great pairing of our platform with the Canva design platform. is a world class platform in designing and authoring marketing content. With thousands of templates and brochure designs, you can quickly choose one for your marketing and customize it for your organization.

With our new integration, you can now export your Canva design directly to Simplebooklet and start emailing, posting, pinning, sharing, embedding and installing your design anywhere, on any device, all from a branded unique web link.

Simplebooklet works exceptionally well with brochures, flyers, newsletters, and other multipage designs you create in Canva.

Check out our help section to see how you can use Canva and Simplebooklet together to really make your marketing come alive.

Automated Link Detection

When you convert a PDF or Doc or Presentation file on Simplebooklet, we try and detect if there are any links in your booklet. This can include website links, email addresses, and phone numbers.

You can turn on or off this automated link detection from the DESIGN tab, under the PAGES menu. You can toggle it on or off depending on your preference.

We made it possible to do this because some conversions may identify some content on your page as a link when it isn't a valid link. This gives you the option to turn off those links.

Facebook Video Teaser Post

We've updated and improves the way you post video teasers of your Simplebooklet to your Facebook page. You can now use our facebook social posting tool to create the video, then post it to your newsfeed. What's improved is we've automated the posting process so you no longer have to download and post your video teaser manually, as well as including your link to your booklet and setting the auto play for your post.

To post a video teaser, go to your Simplebooklet's publish tab, select Facebook, and then select the video post option.

New QR Code Features

We've updated your QR Code generator for your Simplebooklet. Now, when you generate a QR Code, your logo will appear in the middle of the code. It's a great way to brand your QR codes for use in your print collateral and on stickers for your windows.


You can also use our print version tool for your QR Code. This is an easy to print page that will display your QR code, your logo, your Simplebooklet title, instructions for your customers on how to use the QR code, and a personal message. This will make it very easy to print out a notice you can post in your store window or display on a countertop. Now customers can just scan the QR code and install your brochure directly on their device.

Link Hotspot Supports Images and Captions

We've updated the link hotspot tool to now support displaying an image with an optional caption. The image and the caption will be displayed in a popup lightbox that will be fullscreen. Any link hotspot you place on your page can trigger this image and caption to be displayed.

To add a link hotspot to your page that displays an image and caption, open your booklet in the EDIT tab, then select LINK, then in the pulldown, select IMAGE. You can upload your image and add a caption. Save the link hotspot and then position it on your page where you want the link to be active.

This should allow you to enhance your page content with more informative information.


We've added a new languages feature. You can now change the language of your booklet's landing page. This will change the navigation elements to localized languages to better support your booklet.

The default language is English, but you can switch the language to one of the following:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew

To select a new default language for your Simplebooklet's navigation elements, open your booklet in the DESIGN tab, then select NAVBARS, and then select from the pulldown button the language you would like to use.


Video Link

We've added a new feature to our LINK HOTSPOT tool. You can now add a link hotspot that opens a video in a lightbox when tapped. It's a great way to make an image or other area of your page open a video to show your reader.

To add a LINK HOTSPOT that launches a video, open your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab and select LINK. Then in the pulldown, select the VIDEO option, then add in the url of your video on youtube or vimeo.