SimpleBackups updates
SimpleBackups updates

Support of 2 new Wasabi regions




In March, Wasabi opened two new storage regions in Frankfurt, Germany, and Toronto, Canada.

You can now select these regions from your storage connection window 🤘.

Google Drive Support




You can now use Google Drive to store your backups.

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Incremental MySQL backups for RDS & remote servers




Incremental MySQL backup now fully supports remote servers including RDS and other managed services.

MongoDB backup streaming




When using this option, you'll require less storage on your server as data will be streamed by a chunk of 50MB.


Scaleway Server & Volume Snapshots




You can now:

✅ Backup Scaleway servers (which include all attached volumes automatically)

✅ Backup Scaleway EC2 volumes individually

💡 We've also created a step-by-step guide to help you create your first Scaleway backup.

API endpoints for Backup Statistics




We've added 3 new endpoints:

1. Resource Activity

Returns all your resources (backups, snapshots, or cloud-syncs) with the list of logs ordered by date, information about its server, storage, and the next planned schedules.

2. Logs Activity

Returns all your logs order by date.

3. Report Activity

For each resource, returns the number of successful jobs, error jobs, storage used, and available backups stored.

Cloud Storage Synchronisation improvements




Cloud-Sync goes serverless: this means you don't need any server in-between, we take care of the all process.

Backup an entire bucket: You can now use Cloud-Sync to synchronize entire buckets (right from their root folders).

Incremental MySQL Backup




With the support of MySQL binlog, you can now make incremental backups for your MySQL databases!


Cloud Storage Synchronisation




You can now synchronize Cloud Storage across providers.


📁 Manage who can view what using Projects.




You can now define who in your team can access what backup(s) or snapshot(s). Create a project, define who can access it and what backups/snapshots are part of it.

Hint: use it to grant a view access to your customers.

When assigned to a team, a user only has a view access and won't be able to create/edit backups.

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