SimpleBackups updates
SimpleBackups updates

📁 Manage who can view what using Projects.




You can now define who in your team can access what backup(s) or snapshot(s). Create a project, define who can access it and what backups/snapshots are part of it.

Hint: use it to grant a view access to your customers.

When assigned to a team, a user only has a view access and won't be able to create/edit backups.

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Notifications revamped!




Connect unlimited notification channels (email, slack, discord, pushover, webhooks) to your team and configure when you want to be notified.


Want to know more? Check our blog post explaining how to get started.

⚡️Database SSH Tunnels are here!




Keep your databases privately accessible, and tunnel your database backups through SSH to get them done securely. No effort on your end!


📣 MongoDB, Back up All Databases




You can now select to back up all databases on your MongoDB server at once, in a single backup job.

🛰 Database SRV records, now served.




Whether your database host is a SRV record or not, just paste it in and let us do handle the rest. SimpleBackups now fully supports SRV records for database hosts.

Previously, it was only possible to use them via connection strings.

📣 ARM64 backups are now possible




You can now use SimpleBackups to back up your Linux ARM64 (aarch64) server instances. A famous family of instances that we can welcome now is the Amazon EC2 T4g family.

📮Backup reports, periodically, by email!




Get a summary of your backups delivered every week (or month) right in your mailbox!

Go to your Settings/Reports page and enable it, now!


✨ Improved dashboard




You can now have a clear view of your plan usage and know which plan suits you the best!

On top of that, you can always access your details usage view from your team settings page.

Multi-Databases backup





You can now select multiple databases via our smart field. You'll see the list of all available databases on your server.

Read more about it.

AWS EC2 and Volume Snapshots Support





We've added support to AWS as a new Snapshot Provider.

Find more about it here: