SimpleBackups updates
SimpleBackups updates

🔔 Push notifications support





Take backup notifications further and get notified by push notifications using Pushover about your backups.

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UpCloud and Exoscale Storage Support





We have added support to 2 new providers!

You can now also store your backups on:

📷 UpCloud Storage Snapshots





You can now connect your Upcloud account and schedule snapshots for your storage in just a few clicks!


🔐 AES-256 Backup Encryption





You now have the option to encrypt your backups using AES-256 via an encryption key and openssl.

Just enter the path of your encryption key (on the advanced backup options tab) and SimpleBackups will take it from there.

Encryption is supported on:

  • PostgreSQL Backups
  • MongoDB Backups
  • MySQL Backups
  • File Backups

🚦 Started by mistake? Stop a backup immediately.





You now have the option to stop/kill running backups in case you started them by error. Previously you needed to wait until the backup is finished which consumed unnecessary time and resources.


🔑 Direct access to backups on storage





Whenever possible, you can now directly access your backup in a single click on your own storage from the dashboard.

Currently works with:

  • DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Dropbox
  • Wasabi
  • Filebase
  • Exoscale

⚡️ Improved MySQL backup streaming





We have recently introduced a numerous ways to dump MySQL databases. Want them compressed? Uncompressed? Streamed and uncompressed? It's your choice.

Choose from the many combinations we offer what suits your needs the best.

Realtime Logs





You can now see your backup logs in realtime, right from your backup run information page.


Exoscale & Vultr Snapshots





You can now connect your Exoscale a Vultr account and schedule snapshots of your servers in just a few clicks.



📫 Invoice Notifications





You can now receive your invoices via email and configure your billing email address.

You can now define a billing email address which will only be used for sending invoices notification. This will allow you to keep your billing related emails separated from any backup or account related notifications.

How to set this up?