Release note

✨ New look

Thanks to all your feedback (special thanks to Jason) we've refreshed our UI with an easier navigation, less bloat and more consistency across all pages. This also paves the way for us to add more useful features down the road.

🎯 Quick actions & redesigned drop downs

We simplified the way to trigger any action and made it accessible from any listing as well as from the backup page.

πŸ“Œ You now have a dashboard

Quickly access main sections, create backups, view last activity and get a quick view on your plan usage.​

πŸ”Ž Refreshed backup page

We've rebuilt this page from the ground up! All backup info with less click, and a clear action menu.

☁️ Azure Blob Storage

Your backups on Azure Blob Storage are now fully supported.

Generate your access key, bring your Azure Blob Storage container, and dive in!

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Release Note

New features:

  • Support of Google Authenticator for 2FA
  • New "Backup scheduling" module: super easy form to configure your backup schedule



πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί SimpleStorage EU Support

You can now choose to store your website and database backups on our European SimpleStorage datacenter to comply with your business requirements. This way your data stays home. Next stop, 🎰.

πŸ›° Import DigitalOcean Servers

It's done! Import up to 100 DigitalOcean Droplets to SimpleBackups at a time to create DigitalOcean server backups.

πŸ’Ύ Filebase Storage Support

Filebase Storage is now fully supported as a storage provider for your backups.

Bring your Filebase bucket and Filebase credential then dive in.

Backblaze Storage Support

πŸ’Ύ Backblaze Storage Support

It had been requested, and we've delivered!

We're now fully supporting Backblaze B2 Storage!

We've created a tutorial on how to get started with MySQL backup and store in on Backblaze.

Release Note 8

New features:

  • You can now copy & paste restore commands right from your backup log
  • Incremental file backup is now available (on request)
  • You can now request certain flags to be added to your database dump commands (on request)
  • If you are dumping your MongoDB backups from a replica, you don't have to do anything additional to allow dumps from replica, SimpleBackups handles it all

Release Note 7

We're constantly working to improve your SimpleBackups experience, here's a summary of what has changed…


  • General UX improvements
  • Archive logs + ability to view archived logs
  • Application & backup performance boost
  • New Mysql, MongoDb and Postgres backup article


  • Reduce the number of emails sent to users

😎 Smart Backup Retries

SimpleBackups will automatically retry running your failed scheduled backups whenever possible to avoid missing backup runs resulting from temporary issues.

Some of the situations where we will retry taking your backups:

  • Too many connections error
  • Can't connect to MySQL server
  • Connection to your server timed out
  • MySQL query execution was interrupted
  • Lost connection to MySQL server during query