Showcase IDX updates
Showcase IDX updates

Open House Improvements

We've done a deep analysis on how Open House data is processed and shown throughout our system and made it much more robust.


  • Open houses now display the Day of Week that they occur on.
  • We now display the time and time zone that an open house occurs in based on the browser's local time zone. This helps visitors understand exactly when the open house is actually occurring regardless of their location relative to the open house.
  • "Upcoming Open House" searches now show open houses through the end of the day, rather than cutting off at the current time on a future day.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Hawaii MLS open house data was not tagged with the proper time zone.
  • Fixed bug where open houses would disappear from an "Upcoming Open Houses" search once they began. Now Open Houses are returned in these searches until they have ended.
  • Fixed a bug where open houses in different time zones were not working properly. This would cause open houses to disappear from our platform a few hours before they should have. This bug did not affect open houses in Eastern Time Zone. However, the further west the open house was located (relative to Eastern Time), the earlier it would disappear; this was most significant for users in Hawaii.

We think this should dramatically clean up all of the outstanding issues with our open house display system. If you are still experiencing any issues with this part of the system, please let us know.