New Showcase IDX WordPress Dashboard Widget and Action Bar Menu

From today, and our 3.0.42 version of our WordPress plugin, you'll notice a couple of new things in your WordPress dashboard. We're making it easier for you to see the latest product and news updates from our changelog (this thing) and our blog. Exciting!

Showcase IDX Dropdown.jpg

When you are logged into WordPress, you'll be able to access a range of resources from the new Showcase IDX dropdown:

  • Plugin Setup
  • IDX Admin Dashboard
  • Support Center
  • Facebook User Group
  • Video Tutorials
  • Blog
  • Changelog

You'll also find this handy news widget on your WordPress dashboard with all the latest product and company news to keep you up-to-date with everything new and happening at Showcase IDX.

This is our initial version of this, and we're looking to add more functionality to WordPress over time to tie Showcase IDX and WordPress even closer together.

Showcase IDX Dashboard Widget.jpg