New RETS Processor - Image Reindexing

You might see some listings in the MLS's below with more images missing than usual. We started the process last night but the jobs are still going. We have all the throttles as open as the MLSs will let us have to get this wrapped up as quickly as possible. We felt it important to let y'all know what's going so you're not just thinking "WTF is going on!".


Miami MLS







Why is this happening?

We have a completely reimagined/rebuilt RETS processing engine that is way more efficient, fast and importantly, incredibly accurate. This means we'll be indexing new listings, changes and removing listings faster and more accurately than ever.

Unfortunately, that means we have to do some re-indexing. This should be a one time thing, and the photos (which take about a sec per listing which is roughly 24 photos per listing download and process in about 900ms)will be reindexed as fast as we possibly can.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and understanding. The end result will even better listing data on your websites.

My MLS isn't on this list? We're starting with the biggest MLSs first. The smaller MLSs are much quicker and have a lot fewer listings to process, so it shouldn't be a noticeable impact.