Improvements to Listing Detail Page

Improvements to Listing Detail Page's Image Carousel

  • We are using a new engine to display carousel images. This new engine replaces the two previous browser-specific approaches. The behavior across browsers should be uniform now.
  • The new layout engine has resolved several bugs:
    • Squished images
    • Zoomed/cropped images
    • Weird whitespace above/below/to the side of the carousel.
  • Images are now full-resolution and look significantly better on Retina displays, and are also larger in full-screen mode.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now supported: use the Left & Right arrow keys to navigate through the images on the Listing Detail Page and the Full-Screen mode. You can also now you ESC to exit Full-Screen mode.
  • On touch devices, you can now swipe left & right on the Listing Detail Page carousel to navigate through the images.
  • Exiting Full-Screen mode no longer scrolls to the top (the prior scroll position is maintained).
  • Image Pre-loader has been improved so that users will now almost never see a loading indicator or need to wait for an image to load under normal usage.
    • The image pre-loader has been improved so that images are more likely to have been pre-loaded by the time you navigate to them.
    • A loading indicator now displays only if it takes more than 500ms for the image to load.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Made the CSS around polygon drawing more robust. Previously some themes that styled svg’s could make it so that the polygon drawing was invisible.
  • The “Advanced Search > Price Changes > Any” now shows all listings that are not the original list price. Previously this option would simply remove the Price Change filter (and thus show all listings).