Image Lazy-Loading Compatibility

Many Wordpress Caches & Optimizers (such as Jetpack, Autoptimize, etc.) have a "Lazy-load Images" feature which "takes over" image loading for Showcase IDX images, and causes our app to appear broken in some cases (images wouldn't load properly). One example is the gallery view image carousel on the search results page.

Lazy loading is a great feature for site performance, but it's also a tricky technical feat, and unfortunately most third-party lazy loaders break our app when they try to add lazy loading to the images from the IDX. And lazy-loading an app that's broken is far worse than a working app without lazy-loading.

Fortunately, there is now a semi-standardized way to tell these lazy-loaders to stay away from our images!

Today, we've done just that with the addition of the skip-lazy class and data-skip-lazy attribute.

This will allow you to use a lazy-loader on your site without fear that it will break the Showcase IDX app. Now you can have your cache and images, too, and your website will have far better performance.

So, the next question you're probably asking yourself is "what about lazy loading of the images on Showcase IDX?"

Presently, Showcase IDX does load a small thumbnail of each property without lazy loading. You can control how many listings are displayed to limit the number of images loaded by default. We also lazy-load the rest of the images (2nd through however many there are per listing). We may in the future add additional lazy-loading capability to our search results images as well. Please let us know if that's important to you.