MLS Feed Changes and Updates

We pushed a few fixes and changes out today to a couple of feeds as we continue our mission to improve the accuracy and integrity of your listing data!

  • MRIS - We moved around the Amenities field and renamed it to "Interior Amenities" to better reflect the values inside. Also renamed the "Interior" field to "More Interior Features" to be less confusing

  • NNEREN - We added some new property type catches for land listings as well as prepared the mapper for the new Condo and Mobile Home fields to make sure those get properly filtered by the search form.

As always, if you notice any issues, have any questions, or want to suggest other fields for your MLS feed, let us know at and we'll be sure to assist!

New Feature: Leads can now delete their accounts!

With new GDPR rules approaching fast ( see Scott's blog post HERE ), Showcase IDX is making sure we are compliant and transparent. In order to fully comply and ensure your users trust Showcase IDX, we are adding the ability for leads to delete their own accounts through the lead dashboard.

Keep in mind it will still be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep your users informed if their data goes to a 3rd-Party CRM like Liondesk or Followup Boss, and this feature will NOT remove any lead data that has already been routed to your CRM.

The new feature will also send an automatic e-mail to the agent the lead is assigned to, notifying the agent of the deleted account.Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 4.29.29 PM.png

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

We have a few big fixes going out this week for a variety of markets as we continue to audit and improve our MLS feed data.

  • ABOR - (Austin) recieved a property type overhaul. The weird, squished together property types should be fixed and the normalized property types now visible on all search results. Additionally, we added individual support for the "See Agent" type after requests from agents. This may be removed so please let us know if you like the change!

  • ARMLS - We cleaned up some feature fields in ARMLS, including removing the duplicate Sq Ft field from General Features. We also added the "Project Type" field per customer requests.

See anything we missed? Changes not appearing for you? Any other comments or questions? Let us know at and we'll be happy to assist!

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

Some minor changes to a few feeds this week; expect even more changes next week!

  • CRMLS - Having issues with getting the Lot Size filter to work? Those should be fixed! With some input from the MLS, we made some slight adjustments to the mapper to better account for the mismatched formats we were getting from the MLS. The Lot Size filter should now work properly.

  • Miami - We've had several requests to have the feature field for "Boat Services" added to the Community Advanced Search filters: this is now done, and by tomorrow morning Miami agents should be able to make hotsheets and search by this field.

Next week we'll be deploying several much needed overhauls to Property Types for a few MLS' that are still suffering from the 2.0 -> 3.0 translation problems. As always, if you notice any issues or problems with your MLS feed, please let us know at and we'll make sure to take a look!

New Showcase IDX Knowledgebase


We have just relaunched our Support Knowledgebase! It includes all of our tutorial videos and answers to the most common questions and issues. We're looking to continue to update it with useful guides that will help you get the most out of Showcase IDX.

Also, through the Support Knowledgebase, you can submit a support ticket, see your support tickets if you are logged in, and easily search across all our knowledgebase articles.

You can access the knowledgebase at

Settings Change: # of Results and Pricing Options Now On All Plans


Until now, the ability to set the number of results displayed in the search was restricted to the premium plan. This feature is now available on all plans. We have also opened up the ability to choose which pricing dropdown option to all plans as well.

In looking at it, we just didn't think those options were the best things to have on the premium plan and were hurting us and our customers more than helping add value to the premium plan/Showcase IDX.

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

A few small but important updates to the MLS feeds this week:

  • NOLA - has continued to receive attention and should be showing more consistent results for certain feature fields

  • GTAR - has had descriptions fixed for land listings, as well as a new method for mapping Taxes that should already be showing up in the field

  • GSMLS - Images should now be full sized and HD

As always, please let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions by contacting us at

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

Our first MLS Feed update this week is several fixes to some of our current feeds:

  • Miami - had some minor updates made to how property types are mapped. These changes should catch the few hundred listings that were coming through without a property type since the last metadata update. Those changes are now live!

  • MFR - (Tampa/Central Florida) received an overhaul to how Square Footage is calculated using the "Living Area" and "Building Area" fields. Should result in more accurate displays of Square Footage across Residential listings.

  • NOLA - (New Orleans) got an overhaul to Rental listings so that they are now properly categorized throughout the plugin.

  • MRED - (Chicago) got a small fix to catch a few property type edge cases that were slipping through the cracks. Some poorly categorized property types should now properly show as either Condo, Townhome or Single Family Home instead of the raw data from the MLS.

As always, if you notice any issues with your feed, have questions, or suggestions on ways to improve, please send them to us at and we'll be sure to respond!

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

This week we welcome a new MLS feed:

  • Heartland MLS - (Kansas City) is now supported on Showcase IDX! Kansas City agents can now sign up through your MLS to access the Heartland feed through Showcase IDX on your wordpress sites!

If you have any issues with your MLS feed, suggestions on new fields to add, or any other questions, please contact us at and we'll be glad to assist!

MLS Feed Changes and Updates

We are making progress on our RETS Data audit, and have some more small changes and improvements to announce for several MLS today:

  • ARMLS - (Phoenix) now displays the "Rental: Furnished?" field under INTERIOR FEATURES in the advanced filters. Agents who specialize in furnished rentals will now be able to search and build hotsheets/saved searches using this field. This change is live, and should be fully implemented no later than Monday afternoon.

  • GSREIN - (New Orleans) had a fix deployed for the Sale Types: rentals should once again be displaying properly as Rentals instead of as For Sale. Additionally, the property type mapper was adjusted to do a better job of catching unfiltered property types and classifying them correctly.

  • REALTRACS - (Nashville) got a small fix: users should now longer see the word "county" duplicated in search results. There will be some other tweaks coming to Realtracs in the weeks ahead, however.

As always, if you have any issues with your MLS feed, suggestions on new fields to add, or any other questions, please contact us at and we'll be glad to assist!

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