Shotsnapp changelog
Shotsnapp changelog

New editor tools and improvements





We have working of few improvements to the editor to make it easier for you to complete your task on shotsnapp. Here is a quick list of what's available right now:

1. Better resize and rotate tool

You can now resize and rotate an object directly on the canvas instead of having to fiddle with the controls in the right panel.

resize & rotate.gif


2. Paste image from clipboard

Previously, when you're working on your design in Sketch or Figma, you have to export the frame/artboard first before you can use them into shotsnapp. In this new update, you can just copy them to clipboard, go to shotsnapp, select a device object, then Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste the image. Hopefully, this will make your workflow faster, and reduce clutter on your Desktop.


In Figma, you can select a frame, then make sure to press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+C to copy a 2x flatten image version of your design.

In Sketch, you can click on an artboard, press Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy an 1x flatten image. 


3. Image cropping and alignment tool

Sometimes you don't have the exact image size that can fit the objects' frame perfectly. So in this update, we are introducing a new cropping tool to let u choose which part of the image to be displayed on the device mockup. You can zoom to a certain part of the image too.

## imagecrop.gif


4. Inline text editing

In this update, you no longer have to go to the right panel to change the content of your text. Double click on a text object to enter edit mode where you can immediately start typing.



5. Other improvements & fixes

  • Added iPhone 12 device. (Feel free to reach out to us to request for more devices and icons).
  • Fixed an issue where 0% transparency doesn't persist on page reload.
  • Moved the device colour options closer to the device model selection. Makes more sense there.
  • Updated all pre-designed templates to use the new resize/rotate capability.