We’re Moving to a New Changelog

We’re moving on to our new changelog over here.

All the following updates for SeriousMD will now be posted there.

New ENT Templates!

Check the Templates library in your settings. New ENT specific templates are now available!

Fixes to Printing

We released an update to improve print margins.

Reason for Visit: Color tagging

You can now assign colors for each of your Reasons for Visit! Woot!

Calendar Events: Now with Color

Check out your calendar. You should now see some colors there. Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.48.19 AM.png

Calendar Preferences

Want to be strict and adjust your calendar to fit all your appointments? You can now. Jump into the Settings area and check it out!

Improved Email Invites

If you invite another doctor, they will receive a message invite from you. We improved that. 😉

Custom Forms Now Available

You’ve been waiting for it, now you can make almost every form you need right inside SeriousMD.

SOAP Preview Improvements

Do you add multiple diagnosis/plans etc.? You can see all of them in the preview now.

New labs and new images in the library

We just added even more images to the library that you can re-use for your notes or to better explain things to your patients. We also added new lab tests for your test requests.