SMS delivery

We fixed a bug which caused a failure on delivery of alerts via SMS messages. The issue is now resolved.

Improved visualisation of paused groups

We improved the visibility when a group is being paused (e.g. due maintenance).


New TestCenter location, change of IP addresses

We added a new location to monitor your servers. You can now also get your websites and servers monitored from USA San Francisco. We also added a new PulseCheck server in San Francisco to meet the demands 🙌

As a result, we have 2 new IP addresses in use which should be allowed on your server if you have a firewall active. For accurate monitoring and alerting of Semonto, it is important that all of our verification servers (PulseCheck), and the selected TestCenter servers are able to reach your server. You can verify the reachability via Supervisor.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or remarks :)

Support for team members

We added support for team members on Semonto

Check out our blog for more information. We also added a guide on our Guides and How-to's page with detailed steps about this feature.

Introduction of Contact groups

We just released a new feature on Semonto, 'Contact groups' which makes it easier to control who get alerts and when.

Check out our blog for more information, or the guide.