Semonto changelog
Semonto changelog

Search function in overviews





When you need to monitor a large number of websites, webapps or servers, the overview of monitors can get a little long. That is why we added the option to the overview of monitors. Just start typing the name and the list will be filtered. This filter is also added to the overview of PulseChecks.

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Improved notification settings





The settings for how to get notified were a bit hard to use. There are still a large amount of options but now you can go to the details of the notifications and click the pencil icon and change the settings.

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Fresh look for your team members





The overview of your team members had a little make over. The Gravatar images are now shown to give it a little more personalized touch. Your team members can link their email address with their Gravatar on

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Fresh look for devices





We have given the administrative view with your devices an overhaul. Don’t have our mobile app yet? Get it from the App store or Play store and receive free push notifications.

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History of tests in tools





The tools now show the history of the last five tests so you can easily start another test without having to wait for the results. The overview of tools shows the five latest tests of all tools and the reachability, SSL, broken link and mixed content tool show the last five tests for the individual tool.

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Quick retest for broken links and mixed content





Did Semonto find broken links or mixed content on your website? You can now request a quick retest to verify your fixes are all in place.

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On demand broken link and mixed content scan





Ever wanted to test a website just on the fly for a customer on broken links? We got you covered. This is now added to your Semonto account. Login at Supervisor and go to Tools -> Broken Links and enter the URL of the domain you want to check. Results will be shared via email. image.png

New guide for mixed content monitoring





We have added a guide how to monitor mixed content with Semonto. Check it out on the how-to page of mixed content monitoring

New start page





When you sign in you immediately want to have a clear view which websites have issues, if there are any broken links on your sites and if all scheduled tasks ran correctly. That is why we made a dashboard page that is shown when you login. Feel free to let us know if you feel something is missing!

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Fresh new account page





The account page has a fresh new look now. We hope you like it.

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