12-17-19 Now Even More Developer Candidates

SeekOut Premium Tech subscribers know our database of GitHub developers is the easiest way to find untapped tech talent.

With today's update, we've expanded our index of Open Source developers. We now have 22.7 million developers in our database -- all rated by SeekOut's proprietary Coder Score, searchable by demonstrated expertise, and reachable via verified email address and phone numbers.

GH.png Come and get 'em for your tech roles!

(If you don't have access to our Premium Tech candidate pool and would like to see how it can help solve your tech sourcing challenges, please reach out to us at support@seekout.io.

Happy (Tech!) Sourcing, The SeekOut Team

12-2-19 More Control Over Your Search

Our customers love the precise results they can get with SeekOut, but sometimes you need to be a little more loose with your searches. Today's release lets you decide how strictly you want SeekOut to evaluate filters for current title and company.

Now, by default, when you choose a Current Title or Current Company from the filters, SeekOut will bring back candidates with similar company names or similar titles. For instance, if you filter for Wells Fargo, you'll see candidates from Well Fargo, Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo Auto and more.


If some of the similar names aren't quite right, you can choose to exclude them from your results. Just click on the left side of the selector.

Artboard Copy.png

If you want to be very specific about the company name or title, uncheck the include similar box at the top of the filter.


We hope these new capabilities give you the ability to find the best candidates even faster.

Happy Sourcing!

11-4-19 The Most Accurate & Comprehensive Contact Info

We know you need the best contact info to successfully engage candidates. That's why we're excited to announce a massive update to our contact finding capabilities. With today's update, SeekOut has the most comprehensive and accurate database of personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and social links in all of HR tech.

The new contact information system is live on all SeekOut Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert subscriptions now.


Use the Get Email or Get Phone buttons to retrieve the information you need. Each type uses one contact credit per candidate.

If you're curious why we have so much confidence in our new contact system, here's the backstory:

  • Three months ago, we set out to understand the primary sources of candidate contact information. We analyzed all the major data providers and selected the best set of partners to complement our existing information.
  • After we selected our partners, we integrated them with SeekOut and our existing contact verification system.
  • Next, we benchmarked the new SeekOut contact system against other leading tools to verify the quality. We did this with a sample of candidates worldwide, not just in the US. We found that SeekOut's quality far exceeded all other tools commonly used by recruiters.

We're confident SeekOut is now the leading provider of contact information in recruiting. No system is perfect -- so you still may find a specific address in another tool when it isn't in SeekOut. But if you're a typical SeekOut Premium, Premium Tech, or Expert subscriber, you won't need to have an ongoing subscription to any other contact info tool.

Happy Sourcing,

--The SeekOut Team

10-11-19 Massively Expanded Diversity Pools & Messaging Improvements

Improved Diversity Filters

Today we're launching an update to our diversity filters. Using machine learning techniques, we have increased the number of diverse candidates available from our diversity filters. This is a huge improvement -- as an example, we now identify 5 times more African American candidates than before.

As always, our diversity tagging is algorithmic, so you may still see errors. These are called "false positives" in prediction systems. But with this update you'll see many fewer false positives than before. For instance, fewer than 1% of candidates tagged by SeekOut as female will be wrong. (We're still not perfect with men named Lee who went to Vassar College, for instance.)

Improve Your Messages to Candidates

We know you spend a lot of time making sure your engagement messages get positive responses. We've rolled out two changes to help you make sure your messages are just right.

First, we have built a Subject Score into every step of our email campaigns. As you create your template, you'll see a score grading your subject on likelihood the candidate will open it. Click the subject score to get tips for improving your subject.

Second, we've added the ability to send a test message to yourself so you can see exactly what each step in your message campaign looks like before you send it. Make sure there isn't any wacky formatting and confirm it looks just the way you want before it reaches a candidate.

Happy Sourcing!

--The SeekOut Team

8-21-19 Unified Profiles

We're improving the way we display Full Person Profiles so SeekOut Premium Tech and SeekOut Expert customers can more easily understand the full background of each candidate. In addition to the public profile details, key matches, and expertise tags we've always shown, we now augment candidate results with information about a candidate's Open Source code contributions, academic research, and patents. We call this Unified Profiles.

How It Works

You'll still search SeekOut using any of our search capabilities – keywords, Power Filters, Boolean strings, or SeekOut Robot. But where you used to see a more limited profile, you'll now see information about the GitHub contributions of each software developer – including SeekOut Coder Score and links to their actual code. And for any candidates who have been awarded patents or done academic research, you'll see these accomplishments directly on their profile.

Many of these strong candidates don't bother to describe their detailed work on their LinkedIn profile, so they aren't discoverable with other tools. By unifying these profiles, SeekOut helps you find more candidates – and the candidates you discover will be even higher quality.

More – and More Qualified – Candidates for your Hard-to-Fill Roles

Let's look at an example. Before today, if you were trying to find a software developer in Nashville with 5-10 years of experience and expertise in IOS, you would find about 1300 candidates in SeekOut. Now, with Unified Profiles, you'll find 10% more candidates. Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 1.34.42 PM.png Even better, SeekOut will show you more information about each candidate.

Where you used to see what the candidate says about themselves, you now see full details of their software expertise, their coding expertise and Coder Score, as well as links to their actual Open Source code contributions.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 1.41.37 PM.png Similarly, when sourcing Life Sciences or Engineering talent, SeekOut's unified profiles now search and display information from the patents, research, and papers of expert candidates. This means you find more qualified candidates. For instance, a search for magnetic resonance imaging angiography will now reveal more than twice as many candidates. And it will be much more clear which candidates have the specific background and skills you need. See how the unified profile below shows specific patents and expertise gleaned from the candidate's research.

Improve Your Candidate Discovery

If you're a SeekOut Premium Tech or Expert subscriber, unified profiles are active on your account today. If you're not yet a Premium Tech or Expert subscriber and would like to see how this new capability can lead to more effective talent acquisition strategy, let us know. We'd be happy to show you

8-20-19 Improved Email Quality, New Filters, & Bug Fixes

Better Tech Candidate Contact Info

We've made a big change to email quality for software developer candidates. We are constantly working to improve our overall contact info quality. As of today, you'll see a much higher percentage of verified personal email addresses for software developer candidates.

Filter by Project or Message Campaign

Sometimes you want to focus on candidates who aren't already in one of your projects or Message campaigns. You can now highlight candidates who are or aren't in any project or message campaign.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 1.56.51 PM.png Candidates which don't meet the criteria will be collapsed in the results view so you can focus on the ones who match your filters.

Project Improvements

Now, when you share a project with someone else they will see the searches you've saved with that project, too. And we've fixed a bug search inside some projects didn't work correctly.

Happy Sourcing!

--The SeekOut Team

7-26-19 Downloadable Insights, Improved GitHub Filters & More

This week's update delivers many small features and bug fixes as well as a few major features.

Downloadable Insights

SeekOut People Insights helps our Premium and Premium Tech customers be a more trusted talent advisor by giving a bird-eye view of any talent pool. Until now, you've been limited to viewing the insights on the SeekOut website or downloading to a PDF. With today's release, you can download all insights to an Excel file. You can use the data and charts in this file anyway you want:

  • Rearrange the data to show the attributes most relevant to your talent requirements
  • Easily add the data to a presentation, email, or document
  • Slice and dice the data any way you need

Downloadable insights are available to our enterprise customers. If you aren't an enterprise customer but would like to learn more, please reach out to us.

Improved GitHub Search

GitHub search got just got more powerful. You can now use Exclude with GitHub filters. Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 9.50.46 PM.png

And you can use field-based syntax in your Boolean searches for GitHub candidates. Learn more here.

7-19-19 Friendlier Pages, Auto-saved Searches & Location Affinity

Thanks for all your feedback. We have some powerful new SeekOut features coming at you this week.

Friendlier Page Names

We've changed the names of our pages so you will see a meaningful page title on every search page. We include your search terms and filter selections in the title of the page. This makes it much easier to find the right SeekOut page when you have many tabs open.

Auto-saved Searches

It can be useful to know what search led to a particular candidate. You can manually save your search with a project, but that can be time consuming. Our new Search Auto-Save features automatically saves the search you used to add candidates to a project. Here's how it works:

  1. Use SeekOut's search tools to create a query that brings back good candidates
  2. Add one of the candidates to a project
  3. Go to the project. You'll see the search you used to add that candidate has been automatically added to the Saved Search section of the project. Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 10.21.06 PM.png

Because the saved searches use the new friendly search names, it's easy to know what this search is. Just click it to get back to the candidate results.

Find Candidates with Connections to a City

When you're recruiting for a role in a location with a smaller talent pool, you often need to cast a wider net and look far beyond the job location. But how do you increase your chances of finding someone who would consider a move to that location?

Our new Location Affinity search can help. Just add prev_locations:cityname to your keywords. For example:

molecular physics prev_locations:wichita

would return candidates who match molecular physics and also lived in Wichita in the past.

We hope these updates improve your effectiveness with SeekOut. Please let us know what else we can add to make you more productive.

Happy Sourcing!

7-10-19 SeekOut Goes (Even More) Global

SeekOut's GitHub and Expert search have always covered candidates worldwide, but our Public Profile database was US and Canada only...until today. We're launching our global index of Public Profile candidates -- 423 million candidates worldwide (and counting).

To get started sourcing global public profiles, choose a region from the dropdown next to the top search box.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 9.52.09 PM.png

(Note that Canada and the US are now in separate regions. Choose North America for Canadian candidates.)

Global public profiles are included in every SeekOut subscription. You can use all the features of your subscription -- field-based search, messaging, SeekOut Robot, and People Insights -- with candidate from any region.

Please let us know if you have questions or feedback about sourcing globally with SeekOut.

Thanks for your support! The SeekOut Team

6-10-19 Say Hello to SeekOut Robot!

We're excited to enable SeekOut Robot for all our Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert customers.

The SeekOut Robot does what computers do well – extracting and analyzing data, running repetitive processes, weighing relevance. And lets you focus on what you’re great at – understanding key job requirements, evaluating candidates, and engaging prospects.

Give the Robot a JD and some additional information and it creates queries that are better than even most Boolean experts can create.

While the Robot makes it simple to build powerful searches, it doesn’t dumb down any of SeekOut’s powerful query capabilities. You can still use Boolean strings, field-based Boolean syntax, Power Filters, or any of SeekOut’s filters with the Robot.

When the Robot recommends candidates, you can add them to a project or reject them. When you reject someone, let the Robot know why so the system can more precisely adjust to your feedback.

We’ve spent months training the robot and are confident the results are much better than any other AI or Machine Learning based tools on the market. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try with your actual open positions. And when you do, please use the feedback section at the bottom of the results to let us know what you think.

Here’s a short video that gives an overview of the SeekOut Robot.

You'll find a link to the Robot on the left side of the top search box.

Please let us know how the Robot works for you. Happy Sourcing!