Version 1.16: Faster, Better, Faster

  • We removed the character limit for message reminders and changed the limitation to 1000 characters for Auto Send messages
  • Overall change to make the app more stable and faster
  • From now on, you can see if an Auto Send message was delivered

Version 1.15: Earn credits

  • Share Scheduled with your friends and family and get free credits for Auto Send
  • From now on, we'll provide you with better insights on how many credits you need for sending a message.

Version 1.14: Calendar suggestions

  • Calendar suggestions! It's now possible to connect your iOS calendars and quickly add calendar items as Scheduled messages. So it's now also possible to plan Scheduled messages in your calendar and you can easily add appointment reminders from your calendar to Scheduled.

Version 1.13: Fix

• We fixed an issue where not all the recipients showed up in the contact list

Version 1.12: Groups

  • Groups! You can now add multiple recipients to preconfigured groups. So you can create for example a group "Family" or "Work" and schedule messages to this group. Groups only work with iMessage and SMS messages.

Version 1.11: End date & Fixes

  • You can now set an end date on a repeated message
  • The business subscription is now only available for USA and Canada users
  • We have added support for right-to-left languages
  • We fixed an issue where notification badges would be one too low
  • We fixed an issue where the auto send phone selection dialog would immediately be dismissed.
  • We fixed an issue where credits would not be returned for repeating auto send messages after the user deleted a message
  • We fixed an issue where the number of allowed free messages was not counted correctly

Version 1.10: New Compose screen & Business Plan

  • We have added a new design for the compose screen
  • Business users can now subscribe for the business plan
  • We have added the option to buy 1000 credits
  • It is now possible to skip messages
  • We added a tabbar to improve the navigation
  • We have added a link to the FAQ on our website

Version 1.9: Receive messages

  • You are now able to receive messages when users are replying on an Auto Send message which was sent from a virtual number
  • We fixed an issue where you were not able to add short numbers
  • We fixed some other small issues

Version 1.7: Auto Send

This version includes the following update:

  • It's now possible to schedule auto send messages
  • It's possible to auto send your imported birthdays
  • We added Japanese, Korean and German
  • New settings screens

Version 1.6: Custom recipients & Repeat biweekly

This version includes the following update:

  • Added the ability to use custom email addresses and phone numbers that are not associated with an existing contact. So it's not required to have the recipient in your contact list
  • Added the option to repeat a message every two weeks

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