SavvyCal changelog
SavvyCal changelog

Propose times 🙋‍♂️





You can now generate a snippet of proposed times to paste in an email from your scheduling links! Click "Propose times" on left-hand sidebar of the link editor to access the new wizard.


Dark mode 🖤





SavvyCal now has Dark Mode! To turn it on, head to your Settings and update the Theme preference.


Fastmail integration





Privacy-conscious customers, rejoice! We now integrate with Fastmail calendar (in addition to iCloud, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook). Setup guide →


iCloud Calendar integration





You can now connect your iCloud Calendar to SavvyCal! This integration allows you to check for event conflicts and create new events on your calendar of choice. Learn more →


Additional custom question types





Previously, you could only collect free-form text responses to custom questions on your scheduling links. We added a bunch more types!

💬 Short text
✅ Checkboxes
🔘 Radio buttons
📜 Select menus
🌎 Website URLs


Native Zapier integration ⚡️





We just released our official integration with Zapier! Before, you had to use the Webhooks by Zapier trigger to get SavvyCal to talk to Zapier. It worked fine as a quick-and-dirty V1, but it was a bit cumbersome and limited.

Now, you can use one of our hand-crafted trigger types: New Event, Rescheduled Event, and Canceled Event. Learn more →


Scheduled time zone changes





You can now schedule ranges of time when you'll be in a different time zone! We'll automatically update your recurring availability to reflect your updated time zone. Learn more →


Round robin scheduling links





This feature allows you to show combined availability for a group of people and randomly assign one of them as the event organizer. Perfect for things like customer demos & sales calls! Learn more →


Collective links now honor default availability settings for additional attendees





Finding an optimal time for all your teammates is now even easier! When you add someone to a link, we will take their default availability preset into account when calculating your combined availability.


For example, if your work day starts at 9 am Central and your coworker starts at 9 am Pacific (2 hours behind), we'll only show slots after 9 am Pacific.

Delegate access to your account





Do you have an assistant to help manage your schedule? You can now grant access to others to manage your SavvyCal account for you!


This feature is available for Premium plan subscribers. Learn more about how it works →