SavvyCal changelog
SavvyCal changelog

Ability to change the organizer on links 🔀




Have you ever wanted to create a scheduling link on behalf of one of your teammates? You can now change the organizer on a link to someone else (and optionally remove yourself from the attendee list).


Collect payments for your meetings 💸




You can now collect payments on your scheduling links with our brand new Stripe integration! Learn more →


Prefill custom questions via the query string




You can now prefill custom questions on scheduling links via the query string! For example, if the scheduler is logged in to your website and you already know the answer to one of the questions you're asking on your link, you can fill it in for them to save some time. Learn more here →


Optimize for even distribution on round robin links




We've just added another mode for round robin scheduling links that allows you to optimize for even distribution of meetings. This is perfect for sales teams who would prefer to keep things as fair as possible (not subject to random variations).


SquadCast integration 🎙




SquadCast is a leading remote recording studio for podcasters. You can now connect your SquadCast account to SavvyCal and automatically spin up unique recording sessions when someone books a time! Learn more →


Give multiple location options to your schedulers




You can let your schedulers to choose where they'd like to meet with you (for example, Zoom or Phone Call). To add options, click the "Add another location option" button on the sidebar when editing your link!


Rich text link descriptions




You can now add bold, italic, and hyperlink styles to your link descriptions!


Add guests to your scheduling links




Ever want to include a additional guests on a calendar invite? You can now enter an email address in the "Add attendees" menu to add them to the calendar event when someone schedules a time.


Embed enhancements




We made a bunch of little fixes and improvements to the embedded experience!

  • Dark mode support, using the new theme setting
  • Support for embedding index pages
  • Improved positioning of the widget close button
  • Better support for removing the text prompt one the widget button
  • A slicker calendar icon

We've updated the docs to reflect these changes. Happy scheduling!

Index pages for scheduling links




You can now configure links to "Show on index" page and send folks to[your-team] (or /[your-username]) to choose the link that fits their needs! Click the three-dots on a link on the Scheduling Links page to find this setting.