Introducing Project Workflow

👋We are super excited to share another milestone with you all.

You may have a lot of design screens on each of your projects, and that's always been a challenge see which design screens are approved and what design screens are waiting to be approved. To solve this specific problem we are proudly 👏

Introducing Project Workflow

We have created a dedicated tab on the project home page to visualise your project design screens in a column format. You can now visualise your project screens in a column format. That gives you and your team much easier and more unobstructed view of your design projects.

You can mark your design screens with a status of that works with your company design approval workflow. Eac new design that will be uploaded to the project will have an in-progress status, and you can change the design status to in-review, approved, problem or done. You can also change the status from the screen page of the screen page.

As always, do let know what you think of this and should you have any other suggestion or questions please let us know 🙌