Enrichments for custom entities

When a gold entity is detected, the JSON returned by the NLP API is enriched with additional information about the entity. Although you can't change the enrichments for gold entities, you can now create enrichments for custom entities. This means that you can create keys that appear in the JSON when a custom entity is detected. The keys are then populated with the correct values, depending on the configuration.

For example, you have a list of train stations that you want to detect. You create a restricted custom entity with all the names of your train stations. Now you add the key station-code and configure it so that if Grand Central Station is detected, the JSON also returns the station code GCT only for this station.

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Open-source bot connector

No doubt you already know that the Bot Connector enables you to connect your bot to multiple messaging channels. Now, the code to run the Bot Connector is hosted publicly at https://github.com/SAPConversationalAI/bot-connector

This means that you or your enterprise can now download the Bot Connector and run a chatbot within a virtual network. This is especially useful if you're apprehensive about opening your internal network to the internet.

Additionally, you can vote for the next channels you want us to implement, or you can contribute yourself!

Verify your email address

To comply with GDPR requirements, you'll be asked to confirm your email address when you next log in to SAP Conversational AI. No worries, you only need to do this once. However, you need to do this by March 22, 2019 in order to continue to access the platform.

Delete Your SAP Conversational AI account

In your settings, you can now delete your SAP Conversational AI account. Note that this will also delete all bots that you created with this account, except for bots that you created from within an organization if there are still members of that organization (including another administrator). To delete your account, click your avatar at the top right of the page, choose Settings, and then click DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Suggested expressions

If you've added the languages English, French, German, or Spanish to an intent, and enter a new expression for the intent in any of those languages, you probably already know that the platform automatically suggests additional expressions in those languages.

We've enhanced that capability to now vary the sentence structure and also the vocabulary of the suggested expressions. This helps you to build a higher quality training dataset very quickly and enables your bot to understand its users more precisely.

Training analytics

We've improved the CSV upload of your validation file and fixed the issue that caused the benchmark to be stuck at 99% for some bots.

Helpful tooltips and error messages

For links and buttons, we’ve added tooltips with helpful information around the platform to help you to better understand each step.

In error messages, we've added information to direct you to the field whose value you need to enter or change.

Enhancements to entities

On the Train tab, we’ve made two enhancements to entities that we want to tell you about!

  • Entities now load faster :-)
  • When you click a custom entity, you’ll see a list of the values that you added as synonyms, and you’ll see separately the values tagged in your intents. This helps you to clearly distinguish the two.

Smaller fixes

We’ve made the following fixes. Yay!

  • In the date picker, you can now choose the current day.
  • In your bot settings, the default delay that you define between consecutive messages is now also supported in versioning.
  • When you fork a bot, you can now add a new channel on the Connect tab.
  • The TRAIN YOUR BOT button now also works for collaborators.
  • We’ve made various fixes to the enrichments of the gold entities Datetime and Duration in English and German.

Update your personal data

In your settings, you can now update your personal data, for example, your email address or username. Click your avatar at the top right of the page and choose Settings.

SAP Conversational AI your settings

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