SamCart updates
SamCart updates

Sales Tax & VAT





Built-in Sales Tax & VAT calculation is now live inside for all our current plans! This new tax feature will automatically calculate sales tax for the US, Canada, Australia, UK, European Union members, and dozens more around the globe.

To learn more about how you can turn on sales taxes for your sales pages, visit the Sales Tax & VAT help article.

Sales Tax & VAT

New Template: Portrait





Designed with professional services in mind, this new template highlights your work while showcasing your talents. Wether you are a wedding photographer, an artist, or a web-designer this template can help you land more clients.

Now live inside of every SamCart Marketplace, "Portrait" is ready for you to customize.

Studio SamCart Template

[BETA] BrainTree Payment Processing





You can now process payments with BrainTree.

BrainTree is the sixth payment processor available through SamCart. You can connect any existing BrainTree account to SamCart, or even signup and create your account with our help.

This integration is in an open BETA, and anyone can connect with BrainTree and start processing sales now. For more information, visit the BrainTree Help Article.

New Template: Studio





Another day, another new beautiful, pre-designed template inside of your account. This one is designed for in-person studios who want to sign up more clients for their services. Hop into SamCart, and open this new template in the Content Builder to start customizing today.

SamCart new Studio Template

Tagging Customers + Affiliates





You can now add tags to your Customers + Affiliates to better group them together. This is similar to how Product Tags, and allows you to quickly find a group of people inside of your account.

  • Tags are included in any Customer or Affiliate exports.
  • You can now use these Tags when searching for Customers or Affiliates.

SamCart Customer and Affiliate Tags

New Template: Publisher





This brand new, pre-designed template is perfect for every Author trying to turn their book into a best-seller. Now available on every SamCart plan, get unlimited access to this template inside of your account now.

Done For You Book Sales Page

Content Builder Updates





New Stuff

The SamCart Content Builder is moving quickly. Here are just a few of the updates that have been released so you can create beautiful sales pages even easier…

  • You now have the ability move entire Sections up and down the page as you need.
  • You can take a Row, and move it from one Section to another.
  • Headlines can now be multiple lines of text. Just hit "Enter" while typing out a headline to put in a line break, and continue typing on a new line.
  • Improved the design of the Content Builder to make it easier to edit settings for Rows + Section while on smaller laptop screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused text elements to show extra padding when clicking into the text.
  • Fixed a bug where font changes didn’t apply correctly and would revert.
  • Fixed a bug where a Row with multiple columns would not line up properly.

Reporting & Exports





A few different updates to different exports and reports have been made around the platform. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need at a glance, while giving you access to exports with as much information as we can provide.

  • The Orders export now includes any relevant Affiliate commission numbers.
  • The Charges report now has more information included when you export your successful charges.

Content Builder Improvements





The Content Builder continues to get regular updates to make it easier to create + customize your sales pages. Here are a number of the more impactful updates that you will notice the next time you edit a SamCart sales page.


  • You can now add up to 600 pixels of padding for elements, rows, and sections.
  • You can now drag + drop a new Section into your canvas.
  • Made it easier to Preview your most recent changes from inside of the builder.
  • Fixed a few different issues where specific templates displayed things differently than others. Generally just making it easier for you to keep your designs consistent from one template to the next.

Smaller Updates + Fixes





General Updates

  • We improved the speed + performance of the Integration Log (Settings > Integrations > Logs), where you can view every integration action that occurs in your account.
  • You can now view a customer's ‘Last Used Card’ when viewing a customer record. Your Subscription tables also include information about the credit card attached.
  • Fixed a bug where checkout delay would prevent Apple Pay from being available

Content Builder Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where multi-step checkout template was distorted on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug where font changes didn’t apply correctly and would revert