Reports & Graphs

Sales by Product

  • Added sales total from recurring charges, so that all sales you collect are accounted for in this report.
  • Significantly increased the speed on this report. Lots of data to pull from, want to make sure you get the numbers you need and get out.
  • Fixed sporadic issue with inaccurate data being displayed.

More Improvements

Dashboard Graphs

  • Added tool tips for each graph on the dashboard. Tool tips provide a brief outline into how that particular stat is calculated.

Terms and Conditions

  • New feature gives you the option to display or hide the actual checkbox on your checkuot pages. So if you want to link to your Terms of Service, but not require a customer to check the box to agree, you can do that.

Templates and Orders, oh my!


  • There are now more fields for translation on the World Wide and One Page Funnel Templates. Anyone who translates their checkout pages, you have some new options to translate!
  • Removed the "Subtotal" line from checkout pages where it isn't necessary. So if you are not collect taxes or shipping costs, your checkout pages are even shorter now.
  • Streamlined how Coupons are applied on the checkout page when you are offering more than one payment option.
  • Made a few mobile responsive tweaks to the Amy Porterfeild templates, so those checkout pages look even better on mobile.

Add To Order

  • Membership Integration settings now fire when a product is purchased using the Add to Order feature inside of SamCart.

Internal Update

We're putting a big emphasis on providing the best Customer Support possible. This update is an internal update, where we improved our internal support dashboard to help reduce response time.

Our team now has tools to help solve customer issues faster without waiting for a developer's help with many different items.

More bug fixes!


  • Improved GetResponse integration to ensure that tags can not be added/remove when a SamCart order is refunded and subscription cancelled.
  • Fixed issue with saving settings when integrated with the older version of ConstantContact.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting deactivated AWeber integrations from your Integrations area in SamCart.
  • Updated WishList Member to support removing access to membership levels with the latest version of WishList Member's plugin.
  • OptimizePress Member users with a large number of packages can now see all of their packages listed inside of SamCart.


  • Made the character length restriction longer, so your coupons can have more than 10 characters in them.

Subscription Deliquency

  • When a subscription goes "Delinquent", SamCart's Subscription Saver now fires a webhook event, the subscription is cancelled, and the customer receives a cancellation email.

Bug Fixes


  • Blue Pro footer got some formatting updates.
  • One Page Funnel received an update to improve the mobile responsiveness.
  • World Wide has updated credit card icons.
  • Upsell pages now used an improved WYSIWYG editor, that will help make "long-form" upsells much easier to create.
  • Upsell buttons got some minor formatting updates on mobile devices.

Affiliate Center

  • Fixed a bug related to limiting Affiliate Links to certain affiliates. If an affiliate is deleted, their restricted links will not then become public to all affiliates.

Drip Events

  • Fixed an issue with Drip event not firing when certain PayPal orders were placed.

Marketplace Signup

  • Fixed an issue where some customer's marketplace subdomain were missing a letter. "" would become "". That's now fixed.

Order Dashboard

  • Fixed a time zone issue where some orders would not display on the Orders tab until the following day.

Constant Contact

  • Improved integration, added 'address type' and 'country code' as feilds that get passed from SamCart to Constant Contact.


  • Fixed a reporting issue where Dunning was reporting customers as one step further in the dunning process than they actually were.



  • The SamCart Webhook now includes the quantity associated with an order.

Affiliate Center

  • We now display an affiliate's paypal email address when you, the account owner, are viewing an affiliate's account.
  • Some minor improvements to the Order popup modal.


  • Your checkout pages will now collect a customer's shipping address if a physical product is present in the upsell funnel. So you are never caught without a customer's shipping address when you need it.
  • Improved mobile responsiveness of the Marketer template.
  • Added prospect tracking for the checkout popup template.
  • Cut checkout page load time by +40% across all SamCart templates.


  • Refund receipts for recurring charges are now being sent to your customers.

BIG Webhook Updates/Fix

SamCart now passes along HTTP POST data on even more events inside SamCart! Now the following events will send a HTTP POST:

Order - When a successful order is placed on one of your SamCart checkout pages.

Refund - When a refund is placed by your team inside SamCart.

Cancel - When a subscription is canceled by your team inside SamCart.

RecurringPaymentFailed - When a recurring subscription payment has failed for one of your customers. This applies to payment plans as well as unlimited subscriptions. Failed payments typically occur when a customer’s credit card has expired or they have insufficient funds in their account.

RecurringPaymentRecovered - When a failed recurring subscription payment has been recovered. This occurs when a customer has either fixed their invalid credit card information or sufficient funds have been added.

RecurringPaymentSucceeded - When a recurring subscription payment has been successfully cleared. This will not fire when a failed payment is initially is recovered.

Click here to read all the juicy details

Upsell Confirmation

Keep your customers happy, protects your business from chargebacks, and avoid stat confusion with SamCart's newest feature.

It's called, Upsell Confirmation. Check out this two minute video to see how it works:

Or read the blog post by clicking here

We're starting a "changelog"!

Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in SamCart.

Even though we work on SamCart all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our public changelog page.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely SamCart will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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