November 17th: Updates

Tool Tips

  • There are now more tool tips around SamCart to help you navigate + understand the tool.
  • Specific additions were made to Paid Trial + Free Trial options when creating a new product, to help clarify SamCart's more advanced subscription options.

Order + Subscription Exports

  • Order Exports now contain information about the affiliate attached to the order (Affiliate Name, Affiliate Contact Email, + Affiliate ID Number). So you can easily find orders that belong to a specific affiliate, run reports on Affiliate revenue, + more.
  • Subscription exports now contain the same information about Affiliates, as well as separate columns for a subscription's Initial Price, Recurring Price, Creation Date, End Date, and Number of Charges. Use this information to

The SamCart Buy Button

  • The new SamCart Buy Button is now in BETA, and all customers can request that this new feature be added to their account by writing into Support through the in-app messaging.

Upsell Videos

  • Videos embedded on upsell pages are now much more responsive across all browsers. Meaning your customers on mobile devices will have a better time watching your upsells + buying more stuff.

Longer Term Goals

  • SamCart continues to make progress with how charges are processed in the system. This change has direct implications for just about everything in the entire tool. More specifically, the improvements being made to exports + reporting come from the data in our system becoming increasingly flexible.
  • Very happy to report that these "under-the-hood" changes have been made while SamCart Customers process more orders than ever before. While we keep our eyes on bigger + newer things, SamCart Customers continue to enjoy extremely reliable payment processing.

SamCart Homepage

  • SamCart's new homepage is live. Check it out at
  • Nothing too crazy here, other than the new layout (which doesn't look like most SaaS homepages) was chosen after testing got a big boost in signups. Check it out, some interesting marketing lesson there for you somewhere.

Week of October 23rd

Digital Access Pass

  • Fixed an issue inhibiting some customers from being added to Digital Access Pass. Updated the integration to work with more recent WordPress updates.

Template Fixes

  • Some more minor template page touch ups. Mostly related to displaying correctly on different sizes of mobile screens.

Longer Term Goals

  • We have successfully introduced the idea of Customers. For now this update is strictly "behind the scenes", as you won't see anything new just yet inside of your account. Related to the other long-term goals we've mentioned, SamCart is now creating individual Customer records to better track order history, payment history, customer lifetime value, & more.
  • This change going live is a huge step towards our longer-term goals for adding advanced features, reporting, and even better ease of use for all SamCart users.

Week of October 16th

Template Fixes

  • Fixed some mobile formatting for The 1-Page Funnel and Sales Letter templates.
  • Updated templates design for a few different mobile devices + browsers.

The Buy Button

  • Finished internal testing for the SamCart Buy Button. This brand new feature will be available in your account soon! Stay tuned...

Longer Term Goals

  • Making significant progress with changes to how SamCart processes charges. This more long-term project has bigger implications for several features both new + old: Integrations, Coupons, Payment Plans, Reporting, API, etc.

Customer Milestone

  • We're thrilled to say that in 2017 SamCart Customers have sold +$300 Million of their own products, services, goods, softwares, teacup pigs, real estate, adventure bird-watching packages (these are all real examples)...
  • SamCart customers can sell some stuff, and we're thrilled to no end about providing the tool to make it happen.

Week of October 9th


  • Fixed an issue that caused a "download now" button to appear for physical products in the receipt.
  • Improved formatting for receipts where bot digital + physical products were purchased in the same order.

Support Hours

  • SamCart Support now covers more time throughout the day, to make sure we are on live and helping as man non-US customers as we can! Want to keep improving and help avoid overnight wait-times as much as we can.

Week of October 2nd

The 1 Page Funnel Template

  • Had a smaller bug when setting the default options of the template using URL shortcuts. Fixed it!

Account Settings

  • Go to your Account Settings > Billing section to view your billing history, current plan, and open a billing conversation with support with a single click.

Week of Sept 25th

Big Update To Templates

  • This is more of a long-term update, but we've been working to make all SamCart templates more uniform from a code-perspective, and we're just about there.
  • What this means is that all SamCart templates are now (at least on the back-end) a series of widgets. With the code re-organized in this way, we can add new template designs, new template features, etc. way faster. The payoff for this work isn't going to be immediate, but it's another step in our longer-term gameplan to make SamCart the best way to create checkout pages + process payments on the planet.

Week of Sept 18th

Wait, what?!

  • Some active, paying users were intermittently seeing a banner at the top of their dashboards, saying their account had been canceled...eek! We found it, and fixed it.

Week of Sept 11th

The 1-Page Funnel template

  • Now when you use the 1-Page Funnel template, your product description will update based on the product the customer selects...sweet!


  • We've re-formatted the subscription pop-up modal. You can now see more information about your customer, their order, + their subscription on that window.
  • We also added in more information to the .CSV export of your subscriptions table. So when you export your subscriptions, you have even more information at your fingertips.

Week of Sept 4th

Template Tweaks

  • The "Clean Blue" template was covering up the Paypal logo - eek! We fixed it.
  • A few other templates got some formatting updates for iOS devices to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Money, money, money, money...MONEY!

  • Reformatted the CVC field for mobile devices, to make sure your checkout pages look great + convert their best regardless of device.
  • When exporting a CSV of your subscription data, some currencies, didn't export quite right. We fixed that, too!

Week of August 21st


  • We added a link to follow "What's New" on our website and user dashboards so you'll know...what's new.
  • Your integrations settings page will now display the nickname of your currently active integrations.
  • We added the Terms and Conditions field to the "Salesletter No Header" template.
  • We made various mobile-responsiveness improvements throughout all of our templates so you make more money when your customers shop on their phones!
  • We improved the look of your affiliate sign-up page so they no longer display your logo on a white background (affiliates still see your marketplace name).
  • We tweaked the "Amy Porterfield Yellow" template to improve the display of custom text in the sidebar.

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