February 15th

Tracking + Conversion Pixels

  • You can now embed custom tracking codes + conversion pixels directly onto the SamCart Order Summary Page. So you more accurately track conversions back to Facebook, Google, etc.
  • You can now use the javascript 'order_summary' variable on the order summary page to pass information about the customer's order through your conversion pixels (order total, which products were bought, etc.).
  • You can write custom JS code to leverage this data anyway you want.

Customize The Buy Button

  • The SamCart Buy Button has been updated so you can launch an order popup with your own image.
  • Use this new customization to launch the Popup Checkout template using any image, button, etc. on your own site.

The Share Button

  • The share product modal has been changed up to include the new buy button customization. Select the popup checkout template to see the new customizable Buy Button options.
  • All other checkout templates simply display the hosted URL of your checkout page, like always.

Marketplace Emails

  • You can now preview the default language for system email subject lines in the email settings page. You can customize your subject lines, or leave the default language in place.

97% Customer Support Rating

  • We love our customers. Super proud to earn such high marks this week.

February 9th

Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields are now live in all SamCart accounts, and supported on all checkout page templates.
  • Start creating your own custom fields and collect important information like size, color, dates, customer notes, and anything else you can think of right on your checkout pages.
  • Custom field data is now visible in the Order Popup, when you click on any order from your Orders tab.

When Prospects Become Buyers

  • The Prospects Report now removes people who come back and complete their order. So SamCart is keeping track of when your Prospects are turning into Buyers.

New Zapier Event: Subscription Charge

  • You have a new Trigger Event in Zapier available! You can now create your own custom Zaps when a subscription charge runs successfully in SamCart.
  • Log orders inside of other tools (InfusionSoft, Ontraport, Hubspot, etc.), create new line items in Quickbooks, send a message into Slack, or whatever else you need when a subscription charge runs.

Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the Marketplace Settings sidebar, which wasn't always displaying full-page.
  • Fixed a small WishList Member bug which effected customers using capital letters in their email.
  • If customers land on a checkout page that has been deleted (or the URL changed), they now see your Marketplace Logo and contact information instead of a 404.

February 6th

Subscription Charge Receipts

  • Send your customers a receipt when a subscription charge runs by toggling this new feature "On" in your Marketplace Email settings.

February 1st

Affiliate Center Updates: Part Deux

  • The hits just keep on coming for the SamCart Affiliate Center. After some more testing, all features listed in the January 24th update are now live in every SamCart Affiliate Center. Along with some new ones...
  • The Payout Period is now customizable! So you can decide the length of time between an order is placed, and the affiliate commissions for the order being paid.
  • You can now permanently delete affiliates from your affiliate center.
  • Have a lot of affiliates? Giving an affiliate credit for an order is now done with a search box, so locating the affiliate you need is super easy.

Order Summary Page

  • If you're using the SamCart Order Summary Page, you can now customize the text on the buttons displayed there. Replace "Get Instant Access" with your own text inside of your Marketplace Settings.

Digital Downloads

  • You can now customize how long your customers will have to download their digital files. Customize the download expiration period inside of your Marketplace Settings.

The Onboarding Wizard

  • There is a brand new onboarding wizard available to all new Marketplaces to help get setup + running with SamCart!
  • This page is available in the dropdown menu at the top-right of your dashboard, until you have created your first product.

Custom Fields is in BETA!

  • If you're interested in testing SamCart new Custom Fields BETA, send us a message through the in-app chat and we will add this new feature to your account!

Email Settings Revamped

  • Go into your marketplace settings and check out the Email tab. You will see the new way you can customize your Marketplace Emails (Order Receipts, Refund Notifications, Dunning Emails, etc.)

January 24th

Account Management

  • Manage your billing by updating the credit card on file inside of the Billing tab in your Account Settings.
  • Quickly find the product you're looking for with new Product Type filters. Go to your Products tab, use the new filtering options to quickly see all of your subscriptions, your one-time charges, products used in one click upsells, and more.

Affiliate Center Updates

  • You can now export the Affiliates table to get access to all of your affiliate data: clicks, new orders, recurring sales, commission paid, etc.
  • Manually add new credits/debits to any Affiliate's Ledger. Want to pay an affiliate a chunk of their commissions early? Give a JV partner their share of the month's sales? Credit someone for an offline sale? Use manual credits/debits to add any transaction to their ledger!
  • Improved overall speed of marketplace affiliate portal, especially for users with a TON of data in the Affiliate Center!
  • New chart so you can see affiliate revenue broken out into new orders vs. recurring.
  • Added a new column to the Affiliate Links table, so you can see top performing links.
  • You can now view order details and act on orders right from the affiliates screen instead of having to search for the order in the orders screen.

Need For Speed

  • Lot of work in speeding up different reports + their exports! Certain reports (cough Prospects cough) have been notoriously slow to load in the past. If you agree, try it now! It'll change your life...

Lots Of Little Fixes

  • Bunch of smaller bug fixes were made ranging from small template display items, to some charts not displaying a dollar sign. All smaller items, all fixed.

January 17th

Product Tags

  • Want to keep all of your products organized? Use new Product Tags! You can now filter your products tab based on the tags you have applied.

Subscription Saver Exports

  • You can now export the ‘In Recovery’ table in the Dunning Report, so you can get full data for every one of your at-risk subscription.

Account Management

  • You can now see information about your SamCart subscription in the Billing tab of your Account Settings.
  • This was Step #1 of being able to do more with your own subscription like update your card on file, upgrade/downgrade your plan, or even cancel your account if you need to.

Speed Stuff

  • After you save changes to a product, loading your products tab can take a while. Well, not anymore! Bye bye slow load speeds.

This Week In "SamCart Fixes Smaller Bugs"...

  • The ability to restrict links to specific affiliates in the Affiliate Center wasn't displaying for a little while: fixed.
  • Support Contact information was cut-off on mobile devices for two templates: fixed.
  • New product tag feature was case-sensitive: fixed.

January 12th

Choose Your Quantity

  • You can now set your own maximum quantity for any product. By default, customers can buy up to 10 of your product. If you want to change that maximum amount, now you can!

New Reports, More Data

  • The new Subscriptions report gives you insight into how your recurring revenue is performing.
  • The new Failed Charges report allows you to collect and export information for every failed/declined charge across your account.
  • You can now export data from a bunch of new places: Dunning, Sales by Date, Sales by Product, Refunded Products, and Upsell Report.

Email Verification Updates

  • The Email field on your checkout pages has a few new tricks up its sleeve, thanks to an update to the latest verification standards for all devices.
  • Basically, this update will cut down on users mis-typing their email addresses by ensuring emails are formatted correctly.
  • And your mobile conversions will get a lift thanks to the email field now working with auto-complete features across all mobile browsers. Less typing, more buying.

With As You Always Is Bug Fixes

  • Prospects report wasn't sorting by date: fixed.
  • Formatting fix for the Terms + Conditions checkbox on Sales Letter templates.
  • Added some new help text on the InfusionSoft integration (and some others) to make finding the right API information more clear.

December 13th

SamCart Gets Turbo-Charged

  • Thanks to some on-going "behind the scenes" work, the entire app is absolutely flying. Every corner of the tool from the dashboard, to your reports, and every single table is loading several times faster than it was this time yesterday.
  • This is part of a series of on-going changes and we hope to continue to improve performance from here. The faster SamCart moves, the faster you can move.

The Share Button

  • Deploying your checkout pages is now done through the Share button in your products' settings.
  • The SamCart Buy Button has officially left BETA, and is now available to all SamCart users.
  • The new Popup Checkout template is now available. Embedding your popup template is now easier than ever, with just a single snippet of code to place onto any homepage, sales page, blog post, and everything in between.

Military Address Support

  • United States Military addresses are now accepted on all SamCart checkout pages.

November 17th

Tool Tips

  • There are now more tool tips around SamCart to help you navigate + understand the tool.
  • Specific additions were made to Paid Trial + Free Trial options when creating a new product, to help clarify SamCart's more advanced subscription options.

Order + Subscription Exports

  • Order Exports now contain information about the affiliate attached to the order (Affiliate Name, Affiliate Contact Email, + Affiliate ID Number). So you can easily find orders that belong to a specific affiliate, run reports on Affiliate revenue, + more.
  • Subscription exports now contain the same information about Affiliates, as well as separate columns for a subscription's Initial Price, Recurring Price, Creation Date, End Date, and Number of Charges.

The SamCart Buy Button

  • The new SamCart Buy Button is now in BETA, and all customers can request that this new feature be added to their account by writing into Support through the in-app messaging.

Upsell Videos

  • Videos embedded on upsell pages are now much more responsive across all browsers. Meaning your customers on mobile devices will have a better time watching your upsells + buying more stuff.

Longer Term Goals

  • SamCart continues to make progress with how charges are processed in the system. This change has direct implications for just about everything in the entire tool. More specifically, the improvements being made to exports + reporting come from the data in our system becoming increasingly flexible.
  • Very happy to report that these "under-the-hood" changes have been made while SamCart Customers process more orders than ever before. While we keep our eyes on bigger + newer things, SamCart Customers continue to enjoy extremely reliable payment processing.

SamCart Homepage

  • SamCart's new homepage is live. Check it out at https://samcart.com.
  • Nothing too crazy here, other than the new layout (which doesn't look like most SaaS homepages) was chosen after testing got a big boost in signups. Check it out, some interesting marketing lesson there for you somewhere.

October 23rd

Digital Access Pass

  • Fixed an issue inhibiting some customers from being added to Digital Access Pass. Updated the integration to work with more recent WordPress updates.

Template Fixes

  • Some more minor template page touch ups. Mostly related to displaying correctly on different sizes of mobile screens.

Longer Term Goals

  • We have successfully introduced the idea of Customers. For now this update is strictly "behind the scenes", as you won't see anything new just yet inside of your account. Related to the other long-term goals we've mentioned, SamCart is now creating individual Customer records to better track order history, payment history, customer lifetime value, & more.
  • This change going live is a huge step towards our longer-term goals for adding advanced features, reporting, and even better ease of use for all SamCart users.

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