July 17th

Scheduled Cancellations

  • You can now schedule your subscriptions to be automatically cancelled at the end of their subscription period or at a manually assigned date. When you go to cancel a subscription in the subscription view area it will now show you a modal and allow you to schedule the cancellation or cancel immediately.

Scheduled Cancellation

NOTE: This feature is currently only available in the Administrator Dashboard and not in the Customer Portal for Self-Cancellations. After some testing and user feedback it will be extended to the customer portal.

Saved Page States

  • SamCart now saves your filter, date range, and pagination states when looking at tables and moving to another page.

    For example, if you're viewing the eleventh page of your Orders table, click an Order, view the full Order, and click back to your Orders table, you'll pick up right where you left off.


Affiliate Center Updates

  • There are now links in the "Payouts" section of your individual Affiliate pages. These links go to a table which will show you all of the transactions that make up the Affiliate's corresponding payout.

Payout Table]![2018-07-17_14-02-56.png]![2018-07-17_14-12-04.png

  • There's now a "Status" on each Affiliate Ledger so you know which transactions are available, pending, or already paid.


Internal Product Name Updates

  • Internal Product Names are now displayed in Order and Subscription exports, along with the Add to Order menu. Reports are coming soon!

InfusionSoft Has Been Added to the New Integrations Engine!

  • Get in touch with Support to have the new engine enabled in your Marketplace!

June 29th

Charges Report

  • You can now view all of your charges in a single report. See all of your charges in one place; recurring or failed, one time or recurring, credit card or PayPal.
  • Export all of your charges and dive right into the raw data. Check out the Charges Report Help Article for more information.

Subscription Revenue Report

  • There is a new report where you can see all upcoming subscription charges for your account. This is also included in the Charges Report, and you can visit that same Help Article above to learn more.

Custom Fields in Receipts

  • You can now choose to show a custom field in an email receipt. Simply go to the custom field settings, edit the custom field, and choose to include it in the receipt.
  • This is great for adding things like t-shirt sizes or other data you want your customers to have in their records. Visit the Custom Fields Help Article to learn more.

Custom Fields Included In Receipts

Test Marketplace Emails

  • You can now send yourself test emails from your Marketplace Email Settings page. Click a button and send yourself a test order receipt, subscription charge receipt, refund notification, etc.

SamCart Test Marketplace Emails

ConvertKit Integration Learns A New Trick

  • We have enhanced our ConvertKit integration. If possible, we now send additional purchase information to ConvertKit so you can use that data when segmenting and working within ConvertKit.

Hide Inactive Integrations

  • By default, inactive integrations will now be hidden on your Marketplace Integrations page. You can view them by selecting the toggle to see inactive integrations. This will keep your integrations dashboard clear of clutter.

June 15th

New Order Summary

  • Every SamCart checkout page now has a new Order Summary area. The order summary clarifies what your customers are purchasing if there are multiple product options on the page.
  • We did this to provide a better experience for your customers, but also to set us up for some cool features coming soon related to adding additional products to an order from a single page.

SamCart New Order Summary Area

Coupons Displayed Alphabetically

  • For those of you with tons of coupons, we have re-organized your coupons to display alphabetically. No more searching through huge lists, save some time and headaches.

Integration Activity Logs

  • The new Integration Engine BETA now contains activity logs so you can see all activity for your integrations.
  • Right now, this only applies to integrations supported by the Integration Engine BETA. We are in the process of migrating all integrations to this new Integration Engine.

June 12th

Allow Customers To Self Cancel Subscriptions

  • New feature allows you to give customers the ability to cancel their own subscriptions. If you want to automate your subscription management, head into your Marketplace Email Settings and flip this new feature on.
  • Learn more about this feature in the Subscription Self-Cancellation Help Article.

SamCart Customer Self Cancel Subscriptions

June 5th

Kajabi Integration

  • Automatically enroll your students into your Kajabi Offers after they place an order in SamCart!
  • Use SamCart's new Integration Engine BETA to integration with Kajabi, and provide immediate access to your premium content in Kajabi. Enroll new customers in one course (or several!). Revoke access from customers who refund or cancel a subscription. Setup integration rules once, and your all set.

Edit Integrations

  • You can now edit existing integrations you have created. If you need to update your API Key, or change the Display Name for an existing integration, just click the Edit icon and change your settings.

SamCart Integration Settings Edit

June 1st

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

  • You can now enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking inside of your SamCart account, and send all new order data directly into your Google Analytics account.
  • Follow this quick Help Article to setup your GA Ecommerce Tracking with just a few clicks. Google Analytics SamCart Ecommerce Tracking

Passing Order Info To Thank You Page

  • You can now add custom shortcodes to a Thank You Page and pass customer information to the URL.
  • For example, enter http://www.redirecturl.com?email=##email## as your Thank You Page, and each customer's email address will be passed to your Thank You Page as a URL parameter.
  • Use the shortcodes we have available to capture information like the customer's email address, order ID number, etc.

May 23rd

Intercom Integration

  • You can now integrate SamCart with Intercom, and automatically add and/or remove tags inside of Intercom!
  • SamCart passes along regular customer information (name, email, etc.) along with any tags you choose. You can fire this integration whenever a product is purchased or a refunded, a subscription is cancelled, a payment is declined, and more.
  • This integration is currently in our new SamCart BETA Integration Engine, and can be setup from your Marketplace Settings.

All Templates Shipping Compatible

May 17th

Terms & Conditions Reports

  • When you open any Order's Full View, you can see details about the Terms & Conditions agreed upon when the order was placed.
  • SamCart captures information when the order is placed, and provides it to you both in an Order's Full View, as well as any export from the Orders table.

SamCart Terms and Conditions Reporting

May 15th

UTM Tracking

  • Another new Marketing Analytics feature, SamCart now tracks UTM Parameters for all orders. Collect UTM Parameters on all your checkout pages to track where your sales are coming from.
  • UTM Parameters are currently displayed on a Customer Profile, and inside of every Order Export.

SamCart UTM Tracking Customer Profile

Lead Source Tracking

  • SamCart also will assign a Lead Source to your customer based on information like referring URL and available UTM parameters. A customer's Lead Source is also passed through the Hubspot integration, and will update the contact record.

May 2nd

Customer Search

  • You can now search your Customers tab using more information; full name, partial email address, phone number, etc.

Navigation For All Tiers

  • No matter your SamCart Plan (Pro or Premium), you can see every option in the SamCart Navigation. Click on something you don't have access to, and you can upgrade your plan right there in the app.

Feature Descriptions

  • Based on your feedback, we've changed some descriptions throughout the app to more clearly explain what certain features do. Let us know what you think!

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