April 7th

New Integration: MemberPress

  • You can now integrate SamCart with your MemberPress account. Deliver your premium content through MemberPress, and use SamCart's new Integration Engine to automate the entire process.
  • Create integration rules that automatically add and/or remove Memberships when your SamCart products are purchased, refunded, cancelled, etc.

April 12th

Product Details Report

  • Each SamCart product now has a details tab where you can find important information about that product: price, creation date, billing schedule, etc.
  • More importantly, you can get access to a full list of customers who have purchased this product, and a list of all orders that include this product. Both of these tables can be exported, so all the data is in your hands.

SamCart Product Details

Export Customers Report

  • Your Customers report is now fully exportable. So you can export all of your customers along with information like their customer lifetime value, first purchase date, complete purchase history, and more.

April 3rd

Checkbox Custom Field

  • Say hello to the third type of Custom Field you can create with SamCart! Checkboxes are designed to allow your customers to opt in or out of different things on your checkout page.
  • Decide wether your checkboxes are pre-checked, and wether they are required to place an order or not.
  • This field was made specifically with the EU's new GDPR requirements in mind. Easily create a checkbox for customers to opt in for future marketing messages from you.

Checkbox Custom Field

Custom Fields: Required + Optional

  • You can now choose wether a Custom Field is required to place an order or not.
  • So if you absolutely have to collect a customer's Twitter Handle in a Text Input custom field, you can make that custom field required on checkout.

April 9th

Required Custom Fields

  • Choose wether a Custom Field is required to complete an order or not. If required, customers will have to fill out your custom field in order to place an order.

Record Terms + Conditions

  • Want proof that your customers had the Terms + Conditions box checked when they placed an order? Well just reach out to us, and we can provide the evidence you need.
  • In addition to recording proof that the Terms + Conditions box was checked when the order was placed, you can also get proof of the customer's IP address, the URL your terms linked to, and more.

March 26th

Custom Fields + Integrations

  • Custom Field information is now included with the order information that is sent out through the SamCart Webhook, and into Zapier.
  • Create your own Zaps that can pass your customers' Custom Field information (like shirt size, date + time for your first meeting, special requests, etc.) into other apps through Zapier.

Affiliate Ledger Exporting

  • You can now export any affiliate's ledger in the Affiliate Center. Your affiliate's can also export their ledger as well, after logging into their affiliate dashboard.
  • Whenever your affiliate might need it, use the export to quickly provide your affiliates with a full list of all of the customers they have referred your way.

Export SamCart Affiliate Ledger

March 16th

Customer Support Is 🔥

  • We're thrilled SamCart's Customer Support has earned a +96% satisfaction rating from you so far this month!
  • We take a lot of pride in offering the best support, and it means a ton to earn such high marks from our users. SamCart Customer Support Rating

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a temporary issue where Amy Porterfield templates were not submitting Phone Numbers correctly.
  • Updated a display issue when deleting upsell funnels.
  • Some other minor template fixes

March 14th

Customers Tab

  • The new Customers tab gives you a whole new way to see your Marketplace's history. Pull up any customer, and see their entire lifespan in one place including all orders, subscriptions, refunds, etc.
  • Each customer's Lifetime Customer Value is now available as well. That data will be a big part of future reports coming soon.
  • The Orders tab on your dashboard has now been renamed to Activities. Under this Activities tab, you will have dropdown options to get to your Customers, Orders, and Subscriptions tables.

SamCart Customers Table

March 12th

Product Settings

  • No more endless single scrolling page! The Product Settings Area has been reorganized. You can now use the tabs along the top of the page to find & edit the settings you need.

Product Settings

March 7th

Order Bump Customization

  • Use the new WYSIWYG editor, found on the Upsells tab when editing any product, to customize your Order Bumps. You can add images, headlines, video, and more.
  • Click here to see an example of a customized order bump in action.

Order Bumps

Customize Your Email Notifications

  • Any Marketplace Administrator can now visit their Account Settings, and turn different email notifications on or off. So each Admin can decide which notifications they want to get in their inbox. Email Notifications

Dunning Report

  • There is a new column on the Dunning Report showing when the subscription was created.
  • We've added the search feature to each table in the Dunning Report.

Bugs + Smaller Fixes

  • Updated SSL certifications for all Marketplaces.
  • Fixed wording when a single line item was refunded to make it more clear that the entire order was not being refunded.
  • Small template tweaks for different mobile devices.

February 23rd

Affiliate Center

  • Affiliate Signup pages are now branded with your Marketplace Logo, and SamCart's header + footer have been removed.
  • Added a new column to the Affiliates table for "Clicks", so you can see exactly how much traffic each affiliate has sent.

Multiple Conversion Pixels

  • SamCart now automatically displays conversion pixels + tracking scripts directly on the SamCart Order Summary Page.
  • You can fire conversion pixels for each product included in your customer's order, including order bumps + one click upsells!
  • There is also access to the customer's order details, so you can pass information like product price, product name, total order price, etc. back to Facebook, Google, or whatever tracking tool you might be using.

Customize Dunning Emails

  • Save more at-risk subscriptions by customizing what emails your customers receive when their subscription charges fail. Go to your Marketplace Email Settings to customize each dunning email SamCart sends to your customers.

Help In The App

  • There are a bunch of new tooltips throughout your marketplace to help you understand how different features work.
  • You can now categorize your product as "Services" in your product settings page.

Do you believe in MIRACLES?!

  • In honor of the Winter Olympics, SamCart's Customer Support team decided to earn a ridiculous 100% satisfaction rating this week. We love our customers.

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