SamarJ release notes
SamarJ release notes

August Updates - 2021





Our New Documentation Site - Aug 7, 2021

We really want that you feel comfortable while using our Products and wanted to make sure that our Documentation is easy to follow and provides a simple interface. That's why we've updated our Documentation website which is now built on Gitbook.

Visit Documentation Website ->

new doc site.png





👉 New Account Dashboard - Aug 1, 2021

We've redesigned your Account Dashboard with a new & modern Tabbed design that looks sleek & beautiful with smooth Animations. You can easily Download your Purchased Items, View Purchase History, View Subscriptions, and a lot more.

Visit Your Account Dashboard ->

new account dashboard.png





👉 New Affiliate Dashboard - Aug 1, 2021

The Same Design has been implemented for the Affiliate Dashboard with the same Tabbed Design and Sleek stunning Animations. And on top of that, we've now added Paid Earning, Unpaid Earning, Conversion Rate, and Visits in front of you so you know what's going at a glance.

Visit Your Affiliate Dashboard ->

affiliate dashboard.png