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Add Email Address in Cc/Bcc fields


Add an email address in “Cc” or “Bcc” if you want to notify your manager about your email campaign.

Set Time Interval Between Two Emails


Set “interval” in seconds between two emails. It helps your email landing in recipient’s inbox instead of “spam” folder.

Send follow-up in same thread with the previous emails


Check the box while sending mail merge with auto follow-up so that your message will be seen as a reply to the recipients.

Auto followup stages can be scheduled upto 365 days later


Previously, users could schedule till 31 days.

Remove recipients before sending follow-up email


Remove recipients from the list from before your follow-up email will be sent.

See the Preview of Message Body


See the preview of content of each recipient from auto follow-up campaign view page.

Sort Emails, Opens and Replies


Sort recipients by email, status, open count, reply count from auto follow-up campaign view page (activated once the queue is prepared)

Campaign Recipients [CSV file]


You can add up to 10 columns in the CSV file to craft a personalized email. Only one column “email” is mandatory to send the campaign. This column is not case-sensitive so that it will accept word “email” written in both upper & lower case letters.

  • SalesHandy supports three separators- comma, semicolon, tab in the CSV file.
  • See the preview of recipients’ details after selecting a CSV file.
  • SalesHandy supports UTF-8 character encoding so that you write a message in any language you want to send.
  • Auto Error Handlings:
    • If recipient list exceeds the limit of 200, it will be removed automatically after 200th row from the CSV file.
    • If your CSV contains invalid rows & columns, it will be removed automatically from the CSV file.

Know the status of your campaign


Know the status of the mail merge campaign.i.e. Draft, Scheduled, Queued, In Progress, Paused, Waiting, On Halt.

Know detailed information about statuses here-

New Feature: Mail Merge with Auto Follow-up emails


Now, you can schedule auto follow-up messages with your first email to get reply rate up to 100%. You can set up to 10 Email Stages to send Auto follow-up emails.

Know statistics of Auto follow-ups like Status, Date, Open Rate, Response rate and no.of recipients.

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