Saleshandy changelog
Saleshandy changelog

Tentative date for sending emails in each step of the sequence 📅




Now, you can create sequences without manually calculating the days between steps, as the system would do that for you. The system would display the tentative date of sending emails in the respective steps as per the current date, time zone & attached schedule.

Please note that it's a tentative date, and the actual sending date may vary for some prospects as per other factors like sending quota and other ongoing sequences.

Email Warm-up (Deliver right into the recipient's inbox)📥




Saleshandy does a real warm-up for you by interacting with a network of safe inboxes to improve both your reputation & deliverability. Start your warm-up automatically by connecting your multiple email accounts with any email service provider (GSuite, Outlook, SMTP). You can drive the pace of your warm-up process as per the needs of your different email accounts.

How to enable Email Warm-up?

You can set auto warm-up for all your accounts in 1 minute!

  • Navigate to Email Warm-up tab.
  • Turn on the toggle for the email account you want to enable warm-up for.

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SMTP Integration (Connect any email account)




Saleshandy isn't limited to Gmail & Microsoft now. You can connect almost any email account which supports SMTP/IMAP protocols. There won't be any restrictions when you use an SMTP-type email to send your sequences.

How to connect your email with Saleshandy through SMTP?

  • Navigate to the Email Accounts tab in Settings.

  • Click Add Email Account button & choose SMTP/IMAP.

  • Enter email credentials along with SMTP & IMAP details & Save. (12).gif

Email ramp-up (to warm-up an email account)




Newly created email accounts are often restricted due to over-sending, and they're prone to spam filters. Therefore, we have introduced the email ramp-up feature to allow users to set incremental sending quotas for their email accounts.

This allows users to start with a relatively smaller quota. The system automatically increases the limit with random incremental, so email accounts build a better sender reputation and avoid restrictions altogether.

How to enable it? Navigate to Settings > Email Accounts > Click the Edit button and navigate to Sending Settings. (11).gif

Email account health score




We have introduced this email account health score mechanism to help users fix all the deliverability-related issues with their email accounts. It will allow users to self-assess the health of their email account.

Moreover, it will also guide users on what actions to take in order to fix any of the email issues that were reflected in the score.

To check the email health score, navigate to Settings > Email Accounts > click Health Score or Edit button. We won't stop empowering our users. (10).gif

Real-time email writing assistance




To help users write better cold emails that get good deliverability, we have introduced email writing assistance that will guide users to write deliverability-oriented cold emails.

This assistance will include four real-time suggestions that will update as you enter the email in the editor. Furthermore, we've also included some valuable hacks for cold emailing. (8).gif

Improved email writing experience




To keep enhancing the user experience of writing emails, we made the email editor improvements for you to enjoy writing out emails to your prospects.

Along with that, it is now easier to insert the templates in the editor and speed up your sequence creation process. (5).gif

Reasons for your sequences getting paused




Our sequences, sometimes pause automatically because of a technical glitch and being unaware of this, the scheduled emails get affected.

To keep you informed about such instances, we have introduced notifications to be communicated to you when the sequences pause, along with the reason to help users take immediate action and keep their emails ongoing. (7).gif





We have launched the open APIs for external integration in Saleshandy using which you can now, seamlessly integrate your applications with saleshandy and enhance your email outreach. (6).gif

In-app notifications




Many times, the system automatically disconnects the email account or pauses the sequences, because of certain technical reasons, and being unaware of this fact, the scheduled emails get affected.

To keep you informed about such instances, we now have the notifications panel live on Saleshandy. You can view the notifications panel by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the screen, and access alerts on your email and sequence activity. Click on the resume button to re-connect your email account, activate your sequence, etc. through the notifications tab, and keep your email outreach ongoing.

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