Saleshandy updates
Saleshandy updates

A/Z variants in One step !




Now, test between not just 2 but multiple-step variants to know exactly what your prospect loves. An email with a short and crisp Subject line or a mid-length subject line with a crisp Email Copy?

Do they love your presentations as attachments or just GIFs? Can variants with multiple Spintax make their way to Inbox?

Just test it out! 🧪

AZ testing.gif

View Sent Email without increasing Open Counts!




Stop going to your Mailbox to preview the email after sending it. Just check the sent email in the Sequence > Emails Tab.

Viewing emails within Saleshandy will not affect your Open/Click/Unsubscribe statistics.

Preview email1.gif

Effortlessly Connect SMTP/IMAP and Quickly Troubleshoot Any Errors




Now, you will get the specific error and its troubleshooting points so that you can connect SMTP/IMAP email account easily. You can click on "Learn more" to go through the specific guides.

Improved UI for SMTP and IMAP to understand the tips better and test them before connecting.






Use Spintax to hyper-personalize your email content. It creates multiple variations for your cold email copy.

Valid format: {spin} Hi, | Hi there, | Hola ! {endspin}

Read FAQ.

Pause the prospect (Out Of Office)🏖️




Now you can manually pause the prospect and select the days after which you want to make it again active. Prospect will be resumed after "selected(X)" days and it will be scheduled normally for next email to be sent.

Go to the Sequence > Prospects > Select prospects > Click on mark as Pause.

Read FAQ


Manage time interval between two emails




Now you will be able to change the time interval between two emails from the email accounts tab. This change will be on the email account level.

We have also taken care that you do not blast the email account putting the lowest time interval.

Therefore, below restrictions:

--> You will be able to select a time interval only between 20 sec - 2000 sec.
--> We will show a soft error when the user's lower limit goes below 40 sec.
--> You have to put a minimum of 10 sec of the time interval.


Handling one prospect in multiple sequences:




This feature allows you to choose whether you want one prospect in multiple sequences simultaneously or not. Many times users accidentally or inadvertently import prospects into sequences that are already been outreached through older sequences. Till today, we haven't had a solution to refrain from such situations.

As a user(admin), you just have to toggle this off "Allow adding one prospect in multiple sequences" and These changes will apply to all new imports.

Now, if the prospect is already present in any sequence(irrespective of its status) then you will not be able to import that prospect into another sequence.

Note: By default, this toggle will be ON and that means, it allows you to add one prospect in multiple sequences simultaneously.


Take bulk action on prospects - Select 25,000 prospects at once!




Hey, the days were gone when you were only allowed to select 25 prospects in a batch. Now, you can select 25,000 prospects in the "prospects" tab. You can take bulk actions for adding prospects to the sequence, assigning tags, verifying prospects, and deleting or unsubscribing them.

You will receive an email once the bulk action is performed successfully along with the list of prospects for your records.

Also, you can choose the number of prospects you want to see on a page.


Send Attachments in cold email from Saleshandy📎




Sending files just got much easier with Saleshandy’s email attachments!

Now, you can Share smaller-size files directly as an attachment. Drag and drop the files for attaching them in Saleshandy. You can now send DOC, PDF, PPT, MP4, etc. Share the file that your recipient can easily download.

file-8rjQR9PB9k (1).gif

Tentative date for sending emails in each step of the sequence 📅




Now, you can create sequences without manually calculating the days between steps, as the system would do that for you. The system would display the tentative date of sending emails in the respective steps as per the current date, time zone & attached schedule.

Please note that it's a tentative date, and the actual sending date may vary for some prospects as per other factors like sending quota and other ongoing sequences.