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New Feature: Auto Follow-up emails with mail merge


Now, you can schedule auto follow-up messages with your first email to ensure 100% replies. You can set up to 10 Email Stages to send Auto follow-up emails.

Know statistics of Auto follow-ups like Status, Date, Open Rate, Response rate and no.of recipients.

Know more:

Schedule Email (e.g, Outlook, Hotmail or any other)


Added Send Later button in Email.

Previously, Only Gmail users could use "Send Later" function within Gmail using SalesHandy Gmail Plugin. Now, users can schedule their emails if they are non-gmail users from SalesHandy

If you are using an email service except Gmail, use SalesHandy's SMTP service to schedule your emails.

Search Functionality Increased


Files & Files-links

Search your files/documents and file-links with any keyword from Title.


Search your emails using any keywords from:

  • Contact name
  • Subject line

Team Email Performance Report


Now user can find report icon in the menu bar. This new feature allows you to evaluate your team’s email performances.

You can evaluate below metrics:

  • No. of total email sent By all team members
  • No. of Opened email
  • No. of Replies
  • % of Opened email
  • % of Replies

Simplified Signup (login with gmail)


Making a new account gets easier with the new simplified feature. Just fill in few important details and there you go. If you already have a google account then you are just one click away from getting started with SalesHandy.

Campaign: Simplified Campaign Design


Improvement in campaign design. Identify and add your documents with labels of document types.

User Guide added to format your CSV file of your contact list.

Campaign: Added Delete Campaign Button


Delete campaign allows you to delete unwanted campaigns from your campaign list. It helps to get rid off finished business and make more space for new email campaigns.

Campaign: Add Merge Field In Subject Line


It gives personalized touch to your subject line. Merge field will extract the data from your CSV file and will fill the space near the subject like company’s name, first name and last name. It increases the chances of an open rate of your campaign.

Design: Activity Dashboard


Activity Dashboard has been made more flexible and easier in look.

One more filter “All Activity” added in the dashboard. Now User can filter every activity of each team member. It’s now more user-friendly and activities could be easily monitored.

Invite team member” button added on dashboard.

Increased: Sending Limits Mail Merge


It allows user to send 200 emails every 3 hours for team plus plan. Before it was 200 emails / Day.

Sending limit is not imposed by SalesHandy, Google impose the limits to control unnecessary usage. 

Read more about sending limits of google here

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