Domain Block List for Mail Merge Campaign

To block mail merge email for recipients on a particular domain, we have added new domain block list feature that helps you create Domain Blocklist under Mail Merge with Auto Followup.

Open Mail Merge Campaign > Domain Block List to update the list of the blocked domain.

Note: if you are on the team, then the domain block list will be shared among the team members.

Mail Open History in Email List

Now you can track, not only the number of times a sent email was opened but also the history containing the date, time and location of each time it was opened.

To access the same, go to email open and history page and click on the email open count

Copy template

Added option to copy the existing template.

Friendly note: We're working hard to bring the new saleshandy. Stay tuned!

Campaign Activity Feed

Our goal with 'Activity Feed' for the campaign is to help users know what happens after you send out mail merge campaign.

With activity feed, you can learn in real-time how campaign recipients are engaging with emails you sent i.e open, link click, reply.

You will find 'Activity' tab inside campaign reports page. Here's the screenshot.

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Higher Email Sending Limit Campaigns

Based on feedbacks received from many SalesHandy users, we've released Higher Sending Limit Campaigns which allows,

  • CSV file upload limit as 2,000 contacts
  • Mail Merge Email Sending Limit as 2,000 emails/day.

The feature is available under Enterprise Plan. Find out how it works in our detailed blog post.

Now track campaign reply manually

We've added the option for mail merge campaign users to track campaign reply manually. However, by default saleshandy automatically tracks whether the reply is received or not for the campaign. The manual option is useful in case you want to refresh data manually.

Note: reply tracking option is available for campaigns sent using Gmail or GSuite.

3 New Features in Mail Merge Campaign

Campaign Statics Export in CSV

  • Stage wise export campaign report in CSV
  • Export CSV file contains original CSV data + campaign statics (Sent, Open, Reply, Click)

Campaign Test Mail

  • Send a test email to check the content of campaign before sending an actual campaign.
  • Merge tags in test mail will be replaced by data from the first row from CSV file.

Campaign Report

  • Get campaign performance report (stage wise) in an email after 24 hrs.

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- The Team SalesHandy

Display date and day for follow-up stage

With this update, you will come to know the date and day for follow-up stage once you input the days after text field. It will be helpful to know & set the weekdays for follow-up stages.

Click to enlarge the GIF

New : team admin can access mail merge campaign reports of team member

As a saleshandy team admin, now you can view the Statistics Report of mail merge campaign done by your team members.

In the mail merge campaign screen, you will see the list of your personal campaign + team campaign (access to report only).

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Introducing : links tracking in mail merge campaign

Based on feedbacks received from users, we're happy to announce links tracking feature in mail merge with auto follow-up campaign. From today onwards, when you create a campaign you will find an option to track the links (optional).

With this update, auto follow-up campaign list view & report view is improved to include the links tracking statistics.

Updates in campaign statistics

Recipient wise click tracking report

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