Easily Share Sheets

Sharing sheets is now easier, as whenever you share with someone their email gets remembered. Next time you want to share something with them, it's as easy as checking a box. Click "share" in the toolbar to check it out.

Duplicate Sheets & Insert Rows

If you have a sheet all set up the way you like, it's now easy to create a duplicate. Just click the button in the upper left corner. All the columns and types will transfer to the new sheet. While we were at it, we added the ability to insert rows anywhere, just right click on the sheet.

Pinning Multiple Titles

You can now pin more than one title to a row in the stack view. This allows for a quick and easy way to view two properties that you're interested in. For example, you can pin the points and title of a row, and with a quick glance see how much work is left before everything can be moved to 'complete'.

Burndown Charts

Every sheet now comes with a burndown chart, as long as you've enabled some column with a number type. It's now easy to track your team's progress as they move tickets through a workflow.

Column Headers Fix

Column headers were known to go a little crazy when you were changing their width. That fix is in, so you should be able to drag to your hearts content. 

CSV Imports

We got word that CSV imports weren't working, so we went on a bug hunt. The problem was with Mac OS 8 line delimiters. If you were importing really old spreadsheets and having problems, things should be good to go now.

Row History

To properly track all the rows in a sheet, you need to be able to see who made the changes, and when they were made. This information is now available in the Single Row View.


Users can now add comments to individual rows. This should facilitate discussion on a task.

Mobile Site

We launched our mobile site today! It's very bare-bones at the moment, but allows a user to view and edit sheets and rows.

Patch Connection Errors

We were seeing lots of connection errors to our database, which is due to a bug in PyOpenSSL. The people who build that are working on a fix, but we put a temporary patch in our code to make sure it doesn't affect our customers.

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