SDK for Java, Android, and More

We've just released a major refactor of our Java SDK that includes support for Servlet-based web apps, Android, Scala, Kotlin, Spring MVC, and more. For full details, check out our announcement blog post.

Require SAML authentication

If you're using a SAML identity provider such as Okta, G Suite, Bitium, or others, you can now require that non-owner users log in via the SAML IdP:

SAML identity providers are now supported on all plan levels, and can be configured via Account Settings -> Security -> Identity Provider.

Default rate limits on project access tokens

All project access tokens now have a default rate limit of 5,000 calls/minute. Custom rate limits of less than 5,000 calls/minute can still be applied.

If you'd like to have a rate limit higher than 5,000 calls/minute applied to any of your project access tokens, just contact or send us a message via the in-app chat window and we'll override the default setting for you.

Segment integration update

If you’re sending data to Rollbar via Segment, the integration is updated so you can now take advantage of the latest features in Rollbar.js, including:

  • Telemetry events from client-side Javascript apps
  • Better support for Node.js apps running on AWS Lambda
  • Single SDK for both client and server side for universal apps

For information on how to integrate Rollbar with Segment, check out Segment's integration page.

Edit/merge all items at once

Since we introduced error merging a few months ago, one of the most common requests we've received is to allow for merging all items that match a search. We're happy to announce that this feature has been launched!

Any time you click the checkbox to select all items on the current page, you'll be presented with an option to select all matching items across all pages so you can edit or merge them.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Support for Python on AWS Lambda

Following our recent introduction of support for Node.js on AWS Lambda, we've extended our Lambda support to include Python too.

For full details on how to integrate pyrollbar into your Lambda environment, check out our AWS Lambda docs.

Log in with Google

We're excited to introduce support for authentication via Google OAuth. If any of the email addresses for your user are Google accounts (either personal GMail or G Suite), then you can log in with Google to access your account more quickly.

Support for Node.js on AWS Lambda

We've updated rollbar.js to include a new lambdaHandler convenience function that abstracts away some of the necessary steps for making rollbar.js work in Lambda and adds additional contextual information from the Lambda environment to the error report.

For full details, check out our rollbar.js docs.

Javascript Telemetry Scrubbing

We've added a couple of easier ways to scrub input data that is collected and transmitted to Rollbar as part of our recently-introduced Javascript Telemetry feature:

  • By setting scrubTelemetryInputs:true in the Rollbar configuration, all user input data will be omitted from telemetry
  • For finer-grained input scrubbing, you may define a function telemetryScrubber that will be automatically called every time an input event is detected and will determine if the input data should be scrubbed or not.

Telemetry scrubbing is included as part of our latest v2.2.7 release.

For full details, check out the rollbar.js docs.

Introducing JavaScript Telemetry

The latest release of rollbar.js introduces Telemetry, a powerful tool that can help you understand and fix critical exceptions more quickly.

Telemetry provides a series of 'breadcrumbs' that occurred prior to an exception, including user actions, network calls, and console messages. You can even see other exceptions that occurred on the same page and quickly pull them up in another browser window!

To start collecting telemetry data, simply update to the latest release of rollbar.js and re-deploy your app.

Let us know if you have feedback or questions!

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