Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

Mobile updates: all day events and recent fixes





New features and fixes for our beloved iOS and Android apps


  • Check out the new screen for viewing details of your events
  • Events can now be booked all day, so go ahead and plan that 24 hour Game of Thrones marathon
  • Like picking up where you left off? You will now remain on the last tab you had visited the next time you open the app


  • Event locations can now be entered as custom text rather than a full search result
  • Added copy support for some less common invitee RSVP statuses (like "unknown" and "delegated")
  • Certain single sign-on configurations were redirecting users to our web application. We now make sure you come back to the mobile app instead after logging in
  • Meridian users navigating to a space will no longer feel stuck when their directions can't be found
  • Detecting nearby spaces should now work properly for users who upgraded from previous versions of the app