3 Strikes: Cancel recurring reservations when no one shows

Finding an available meeting room is hard enough in busy offices. The task is often made exponentially harder when reserved rooms are left empty in favor of walking meetings, calls, or when the meeting is no longer useful and all attendees choose to skip.

The no-show (abandoned) meeting feature automatically releases a room when nobody shows up to a scheduled meeting, and the 3 Strikes Rule, now available Office 365 and Exchange, helps keep outdated recurring meetings from piling up in your conference rooms. This feature has been available for Google users since 2017.

Customize the number of consecutive missed meetings before the room is permanently released from the event's invitee list, freeing the space up for others.

This feature is available for all spaces running the Rooms app. Read more on enabling Abandoned Meeting Protection and the 3 Strikes rule for your account.

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