Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 5.1.1




The fixes

This is a smaller version that fixes a bunch of issues I've detected after launching the last big one 😇

  • Fix an issue where TV and Movie Widgets wouldn't show the right info due to a mismatch between trakt id and tmdb id
  • Fix a crash in To Watch when lists had the same name
  • Fix a crash when some comments had the same identifiers in fetched comments lists
  • Fix a memory leak

The improvements

Because a version with just bug fixes is boring 😝

  • TV and Movie Widgets now display a countdown timer when the next episode or movie is not out yet

IMG_418740D95B44-1.jpeg IMG_418740D95B44-2.jpeg

  • Peek Widgets texts are now more customizable, show or hide header, title, info for the look you want


  • When a check in is in progress, the quick actions for episodes and movies will shows a convenient "Cancel Check-in" action


  • Improved how the backdrop image is displayed or hidden on the episodes detail view

IMG_1FB52C6D8CD7-1.jpeg IMG_3EC8900DDEC9-1.jpeg