Rippple updates
Rippple updates

Version 5.0




In this new version of Rippple: Widgets and Lock Screen Widgets, To Watch improvements, basic Actions improvements, more Stats, better TV show Progress indicators and new Icons.

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The offer code is valid for new, existing and expired subscribers. When the free month ends, the yearly subscription begins or resume. The offer is limited.


We’ve added two widgets:

  • PEEK: Get a PEEK at your last or currently watching, next or upcoming movie or TV show… and customise them the way you want.

IMG_0151.PNG IMG_0152.PNG ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 11.jpg

  • SPLASH: Enjoy a bigger version of Rippple’s ripple effect. Choose between all available app icons.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 7.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 8.jpg

We’ve also added some Lock Screen widgets so you can do the same even faster from your Lock Screen.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 6.jpg

To Watch improvements

The “To Watch” is now grouped to better show where TV shows or movies come from.

You can now “Pin” TV shows on your Episodes To Watch list to see them first. This special list is synced with iCloud.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 5.jpg IMG_173A9DCC1945-1.jpeg

Track, Stack and Share

New quick actions have been added on episode, TV show and movies detail pages to track, stack or share them faster.

ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 1.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 2.jpg

The main actions menu has also been improved. It’s now easier and faster to add something to a standard or custom list.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 4.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Sep-04 3.jpg

Ratings and Lists Stats

Stats have been added on each and every lists: standard and custom.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 1.jpg ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 2.jpg

You can also see ratings stats on top of profile’s ratings list to see how you or your friends rate stuff.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23 3.jpg

TV show Progress

A new progress bar showing the seasons AND episodes watched has been added to TV show so you have a better understanding of where you stand in the show.

ripppleapp_2022-Aug-23.jpg IMG_794C0AFDF850-1.jpeg

New Icons

Two new icons have been added:

  • Dark Monochrome
  • Light Monochrome


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